Back or Brick: Railroad Ink Challenge

Back or Brick: Railroad Ink Challenge

Roll and Writes are some of the hottest games out there right now and the number of roll and write games is huge. Some of the big ones are games like Quixx, Welcome To…, or Ganz Schon Clever, but one that’s done quite well for itself is Railroad Ink.


  • Roll and Write
  • Based off of previous game
  • Previous successful Kickstarters
  • Solo Play
  • Variety of Price Points


  • Doesn’t seem massively different than previous versions of game
  • $80 all in for a roll and write
  • Not backwards compatible to previous version

The Page

You can tell that they’re a company that has done Kickstarters before, they have everything planned out well. They do a good enough job of explaining the game and how it works and still get you to what you get and shipping costs quickly. They’ve set-up their pledges well so that you can get in at the level that you want.

The disappointing piece of this to me is that the Railroad Ink Challenge core rules aren’t backwards compatible to the previous version. I understand that it probably makes sense because of game play, but it makes me wonder about using them to create a giant game, so multiple copies of the different colors of the game, getting the original and new stuff wouldn’t allow for a big 16 player game.

Back or Brick

For me this is a brick, not because it doesn’t look like a lot of fun, I think that it does. But I can get the Red Box now, and in fact I wrote about it on Monday and not have to wait for 6 months or so to have the game in hand. I think that the challenge also bumps up complexity, and I want to try the simpler version first. I’m hoping, if I like it, that I can get the other boxes later, which seems like it is the case. So it’s not really a knock on the game, more my having not played it previously.

How about for you, is Railroad Ink Challenge a Back or Brick for you?

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