Back or Brick – Sea of Legends

Back or Brick – Sea of Legends

We’re taking to the high seas for an exploration and story driven game. This game is for 1-4 Scalawags who dare brave the high seas in hopes of becoming a true legend.


  • Pirate Theme
  • Previous Game
  • App integration for story
  • Solo playable


  • First Big Game
  • Proceduraly Generated Text
  • Kickstarter Exclusive

Thoughts on the Campaign
This is a well laid out and thought out campaign. They do a good job of highlighting the adventure nature of the game, and even though there are minis in the game, they aren’t putting that front and center as to what the game is. You can clearly see the pricing and shipping. And aesthetically, everything works very well.

I do have a couple of things that I’m concerned about, and really one of them is par for the course on a lot of these campaigns. That’s the rules section, it’s pretty light on rules and while there are rules videos I haven’t had time to sit down and watch them, and that’s going to be an issue for some potential backers. Plus the procedural text and story isn’t fully explained.

Back or Brick
I really want to say that this is a back for me because I love the idea of fun adventure pirate games. However, I have reservations. And while we do have a bunch of preview videos for it that I can sit through and get an idea of how it plays, do I have time to do that? Especially since Forgotten Waters is on it’s way from Plaid Hat Games, and they’re a company with more pedigree in terms of production, so how will Sea of Legends differentiate itself from that?

Plus, the procedural generation of the story is worrisome to me. It feels a bit like Seafall in that you can get bits of story in any order, so will it make a good story, as that was one of the downfalls of Seafall. While it might be possible and I think with simple stories you’ll be able to generate and spin stuff together in such a way that it works, is it going to be what I’m fully looking for, I have questions about it. And the fact that it’s Kickstarter exclusive means that I have to decide now.

So this is a Brick for me, how about for you? Does it look like Sea of Legends will scratch that swashbuckling itch for you?

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