Back or Brick: Nemesis Lockdown

Back or Brick: Nemesis Lockdown

This standalone expansion for the game Nemesis takes you back as you face off against more aliens and fight for your survival. This time, instead of a spaceship, you’re fight for survival will take place on a secret Mars base.


  • Based on existing game
  • Awaken Realms has a great track record
  • Cooperative/Semi-cooperative/Solo play
  • Theme, described as playing Alien movies without the IP (Intellectual Property)


  • Spendy
  • Even spendier if you go all in base game and standalone expansion
  • Game Length

Page Thoughts

Awaken Realms is the current “King of Kickstarter” having taken that crown, in my opinion, from CMON. And even though they don’t hold the top spot for a board game, that’d be Frosthaven, they just do consistently good work throughout and the quality of their games is very high.

I don’t actually love that you get so much in terms of components and minis to start, I want some game play information higher up, and in particular, how does this different from something like Nemesis, the base game. However, even with that, I’m glad to see that the core concept of the game seems to have said the same.

Back or Brick

For me, this was one that I had missed before I was really checking out kickstarter, that is the base game for Nemesis. So when I heard a standalone expansion was coming for it, I thought that might be a good jumping off point, and then it came out that you can actually get the base game as part of it as well. So for me, this was an easy Back but not for the standalone expansion. If that hits retail I’ll get it later, but more because I wanted to get the base game. So I am backing for that, to get the original game and it’s expansions, even though that’s a bit more expensive. For me, the theme just sounds great, and while it can be played and is made to be played semi-cooperatively, it seems like one that is going to be tough enough that you can probably just play fully cooperative. But, yeah, I love the alien theme, I like the horror element to the game, this is the type of game for me.

How about you, is this a back or a brick?

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