Back or Brick: Overlord: A Boss Monster Adventure

Back or Brick: Overlord: A Boss Monster Adventure

Overlord is a game based off of Boss Monster where you play as an eight bit monster at the end of a dungeon who is trying to build up the best dungeon that you can so that when heroes come adventuring to fight and defeat you, you’re able to stop them before they get you.


  • Based off of an existing game world
  • Established Company
  • Fun theme
  • Fun artwork
  • Tile Drafting


  • Same world, very different game
  • Set collection

The Page

Brotherwise is a company that’s done several successful Kickstarters before, so they know what they are doing. I like that you get a good idea of what the game is pretty quickly into the page as they talk about the theme and the rules. I think that they really lay stuff out in a nice order. Shipping for the game is really good as well.

Overall, it’s a clean looking page, and because it doesn’t have minis, it doesn’t bog down in a ton of images of minis and make it a slog to scroll through at times to find the game play.

Back or Brick

I have Boss Monster on my shelf and I like it for the old school eight bit artwork and just the fun theme of the game. Being the monster at the end of the dungeon is great, though, there are some rough spots for the game, mainly, I think that building the dungeon can be a little bit goofy. When I saw this game, I hoped that they had done a tile drafting version of basically the same game, where you could build out your dungeon, but just in a cooler layout with some more mechanically interesting choices.

Instead you’re basically making a set collection sort of game as you take over the eight bit world. I still like the artwork on the game, but set collection isn’t as cool and doesn’t feel as thematic as the other game. I want to have the heroes still questing and being able to take them down for points. I would love to see a Boss Monster 2.0 with some slightly cleaned up rules using drafting and tile laying instead of the random card draw for building your dungeon. So for me, this is a brick, it just seems like this new “theme” isn’t nearly as much of a theme and it’ll feel more mechanical. It’s one that I’d definitely try, but can’t just back it.

How about for you, is this a game a back or a brick?

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