Back or Brick – Roll Player Adventure

Back or Brick – Roll Player Adventure

Take your heroes on an adventure in this story driven follow-up to the popular game Roll Player.


  • Successful Kickstarter Company
  • Based off of a good game
  • Great demo at GenCon 2019
  • Campaign/Story driven game
  • Solo play


  • Dice Luckiness

Thoughts On The Page

Great looking page that really lays things out nicely. Polished and professional Kickstarter company that lays things out in a way that I’d expect. A lot of previews of the game on the page which is great, and good levels of pledges.

I really like how they lay out the game play. I think that other Kickstarters could learn from that as game play is huge in a game that isn’t just a mini’s fest. Those often succeed on minis alone, but personally, even with those, I want to see a lot with strong rules, because I’m not buying the minis just to paint. I also like that they didn’t feel the need to make this a minis game. Not every game needs to have minis.

Back or Brick

Now, technically, this is a back for me. However, with that said, I’m not actually backing it. If you like story driven games, I can’t highly recommend this enough, even in a game where we found situations and combinations that potentially got us stuck in the playtesting and play through at GenCon that we did, the game is amazing. There is only one reason that I’m not getting it, that’s because a good friend who I have played through all of Gloomhaven with is getting it, and I know that I can get in on playing his game, or at least I’m assuming I’ll be able to. If you want a lighter story driven game, this game is amazing and very much worth checking out in Kickstarter. If I had the money for it, I’d be getting the $400 bundle because that would get me caught up on everything for the game. But you don’t need to do that, the $400 all in gives you everything and lets you make your own characters for it more easily, but you could do that just getting the base game, which you can find at retail sometimes, and adventures, and you can play just with adventures. If you are on the fence of Roll Player Adventures and no one from your gaming group is getting it, or you game solo, I highly recommend this game.

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