Point of Order: Silver Bullet and Silver Coin

Point of Order: Silver Bullet and Silver Coin

Yesterday I talked about Silver in my TableTopTalks, you can find that here. It’s an interesting little game that is very easy to teach and I like that about it. However, I did see one problem with the game, and that’s with the 14 different sets of cards, 0 through 13, you only have one set for each number, with the exception of 12 where you have two options.

The downside to that is, of course, that once you have a strategy locked in, the game might not change that much for you. And as someone who has played the Silver app a lot, I can say that my strategy doesn’t massively change at this point in time on the app, in person and at different player counts, I think it can, but on the app, I basically understand what I want to do and will do the same thing as much as possible every time. That might have eventually happened to the physical game itself as well. Instead, I picked up

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Silver Bullet and Silver Coin

Both of these are standalone expansions, which means that you don’t need to have the base game to play them, they come with their own 0 through 13 sets of cards. That’ll be fun as it will give me some different ways to play the game just straight out of the box. But there’s a bigger reason for picking both of them up and that’s the fact that you can mix and match. I compare this to Sushi Go vs Sushi Go Party. In Sushi Go, you have one set of cards that you’re drafting from, so super simple, only one set of scoring to teach. In Silver, super simple to teach, only one group of cards, and you don’t even need to teach them because the rules are easily explained. In Sushi Go Party, the game is simple because the drafting doesn’t change, you might need to teach a different scoring as you swap out sets of cards you’re drafting. With the stand alone expansions for Silver, Silver Bullet and Silver Coin, the basic rules of the game stay the same, but the powers on cards are going to change. This means that you can play those sets right out of the box, or you can play with them mixed together, as long as you have one set of each number, 0 through 13 in the deck you’re good to go.

This is going to allow the base cards to feel different and create a lot of unique combinations, I am not that good at doing the math but there are a lot. That means if I want to play something that maybe has the simplest rules, I’m not sure, I could just play the base set, if I want something that maybe makes it more challenging, or just something different, I can swap out one thing and I got a different game. And that can be done over and over again with all the different card sets, and I can even increase the number swapped, so maybe out of the 14 different sets it’s five from Silver, five from Silver Bullet and four from Silver Coin, that’s possible, so it makes it that I might get a favorite combo that I like to play, but I can randomly pick and probably not see the same combination for a long time, thus increasing the replayability by a ton.

Have you had a chance to play either Silver stand alone expansion?

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