Back or Brick: The Umbrella Academy Game

Back or Brick: The Umbrella Academy Game

Take the fight to the villains as a member of the Umbrella Academy, take down your greatest threats and deal with your family in this card game.


  • Theme
  • Solo Play
  • Art and Aesthetic


  • Simple Game Play
  • First time creator

The Page

While I don’t have a ton in pros and cons, I do have more to say about the page. I don’t love this page. The art is great on it because it’s the comic art, but the issue I have with the page, it doesn’t show me what I want to see in a good order. We get the pledge breakdowns at the top of the page and a link to the rules. I can read the pledge breakdown in the side of the page, I don’t need that laid out to me as the first thing. I want a bit of a description of what the theme of the game is and what you’re doing in the game. And some glamour shots of the game, things like that.

Also, a link to the rules doesn’t cut it for me. I want more rules explanation. And we get some of that with a game play explanation, which is what I want and what I really look for, and ideally you’d have that and then at the end of that you’d have a link to your rules for people who want to go more in depth. But a random link higher on the page is not going to be something I’d look at twice, except for the fact that I’m writing up about it.

All of that said, they nail the comic aesthetic throughout the page. So it looks like they’ve tried to get the theme into the game which I like to see, i think that they just miss some of on the overall layout of the page and providing information in a good way. And their add-ons don’t make much sense either, it’s just additional pledges, not really an add-on. If it was a version of the comics or something like that, that’d be an add-on.

Back or Brick

When I heard about this game, I was interested, not excited, but interested. I enjoyed the Netflix show, and the comics have been interesting to read. I feel like both of them have their flaws though. And when looking at this game, I see stuff on the page that I don’t love. Overall this game seems too simple for me, and I’m not sure how you’d make it that much more complex or what you’d do differently, but this looks like something for big fans of the comics, but not really big board gamers. And I’m worried about the shipping as well, it’s vaguely written and I suspect they are going to run into money issues with shipping. Also, this game isn’t up on BGG yet, now that isn’t the most important thing in the world, but for something I’ve seen advertised, it doesn’t seem like it’s being created by a game company or at least one highly in touch with the modern hobby. For me, while I like the aesthetic of the game, there are too many red flags and doesn’t feel like my type of game, so it’s a Brick for me.

How about you, is this game a back or a brick for you?

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