Board Game Battles: Roll Player vs Sagrada

Board Game Battles: Roll Player vs Sagrada

Now, I know what people are going to say, these games aren’t the same, but there are some similarities to them that I want to look at, and I think for a number of people they might scratch the same itch with the dice placement. So let’s take this to the mat and meet our two competitors.

Roll Player

In Roll Player you are rolling up and drafting dice to try and create your best RPG character. You do this by selecting dice and placing them in the stats of Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. At the same time you are buying gear and traits in order to make your character even better. The game gives you stats that you need to target for your character, dice placement of color which can get you extra points, and an alignment that you are going for as your ideal. Plus, you have a character race with modifies your stats as well. In the end, the player who can match up their background and stats the best will get the most points and win.


In Sagrada you are building a stained glass window by placing translucent dice onto a grid. To get these dice you are drafting them from a pool that is rolled each round. You don’t get to just place the dice, you have to place them according to certain rules. The dice can’t be next to the same color or number on the top and bottom and left and right sides of them, the diagonal doesn’t matter. You also have to place a die so that it’s touching another die, this time it can be diagonally as well as orthogonally. Beyond that, certain spots on the board are going to tell you that it has to be a certain color or a certain number, so that limits what you can place around it. There are tools that you can use to manipulate your dice placement or the face or die itself. However, you have a limited ability to do that. The game is won by whomever has placed the most dice, how well you scored on three public objectives, and their private objective.

Image Source: Thunderworks Games


The big area that these two compare is on the dice placement. Now, it’s done a little bit differently for that, because with Roll Player you’re just adding it to the end of a row of dice for the stat versus in Sagrada where you can branch out more so to fill in certain areas. This makes Sagrada a bit more strategic on that end, but not that much more, both of them are pretty straight forward with that.

Another area is dice manipulation, in this one Roll Player offers a considerable number of more options. Each time you place a die for a stat, you have a power that you can do, and all of them, minus Charisma, manipulate the dice, the side, the placement, whatever it might be somehow. So you’re manipulating your dice a lot in the game. Sagrada, on the other hand has tools that you end up using, but you have a limited number of times that you can use them. A hard stained glass window gives you five or six tokens to use, and after the first use of each tool it costs two tokens. So you’re manipulating the dice less, but also low numbers have more value if it matches a number requirement or color requirement on the stained glass window.


Both of these dice placement, dice selection games look pretty evenly matched, with Roll Player using it’s weight advantage to push around Sagrada. It gets the early advantage with it’s simpler dice selection, but it tries for some complicated moves as it manipulates the dice. Sagrada starts to get in some quick hits and soon they are brawling again. Sagrada, knowing that Roll Player is going to come in for some bigger moves, starts to use it’s speed as it strings together move after move versus Roll Player who seems to be struggling at times to keep the momentum going. Sagrada eventually uses it’s speed to roll up Roll Player and the winner is…

Image Source: Floodgate Games


For me, the game just plays cleaner. I do really enjoy both, but there book keeping aspect of Roll Player, having to refresh the market every turn, setting up the dice, it’s all just slower. Sagrada gives me a number of interesting choices still, and less downtime and just less overall time in the game. I can sit down with people who are familiar with Sagrada and probably knock out two games in the time of one game of Roll Player. Now, the length of Roll Player isn’t a bad thing, Sagrada is just easier and smoother to get to the table.

Which do you prefer, Sagrada or Roll Player?

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