Friday Night D&D – Rebirth

Friday Night D&D – Rebirth

The old gods have fallen and new ones have risen up in there place. But the lands are not any better, that is the world your players find themselves in. Everything is dirty, everything is grim, the new gods care only about themselves and their celebrations and being worshiped, not about the plight of the creatures of their lands.

Things were tolerable when the new gods were getting along, but now they’ve split into three factions all vying for more worshipers than the others and to gain more power or sway over the lands. Old elves remember when the new gods worked together, but now it’s been hundreds of years, lands are in famine, there are wars and battles starting daily as the new gods push for more people to worship them.

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This world sucks, it’s going to be hard, but that’s where the PC’s (Player characters) will be dropped into. A world at constant war where the gods only intervene on behalf of an army or to cause other havoc. The PC’s are going to be part of a group that has had enough and has felt the call to do something about the new gods. A righteous anger has awoken in them, some might say.

The player should be at war against the new gods, but obviously a first level character going up against a god won’t work, even a 15th level character might not work. So we’re starting out with some find the artifact quests and finding out and dealing with more charismatic or violent followers of the new gods who are pushing the conflicts. Basically working on a rising action towards becoming a notable threat to the new gods.

The artifact quests are going to be important to do in this campaign because they are going to tie the players into one of the old gods. When I say Rebirth for the name, it’s because the righteous anger and the desire to stand-up to the new gods is going to be because they have the power of or are an old god that is awakening again in a new host. If they can survive and take out the new gods, then the old gods can return the world to what it once was, assuming there is a world left to. So we’re talking finding some legendary level artifacts, whether they are weapons, armor, skills, whatever it might be. I’d be tempted to create a boon that they can unlock if they complete something in the campaign, some extremely powerful ability that might wreck your normal game balance, but something that they’ll have to unleash that is specific to their old gods powers. An example, if you went with someone like Thor as an old god would be a +3 hammer that has some extra properties that can be unlocked, like when it hits, it deals damage of the call lightning spell at level 3, or you can unlock a once a day ability to use the hammer to cast call lightening at level 9, or you cast the spell and then every time you hit it causes 3d10 lightning damage, something awesome and epic like that. Also possibly make them evolving weapons, so if it is Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, make it a +1 hammer to start, add in something like, if you fight during a storm it does 1d6 lightning damage later, now a +2 hammer, and so on.

Image Source: D&D Beyond

Eventually when the players are high enough level, they will end up facing off against the gods. Make this challenging, and make this a gauntlet of sorts. Also, give them a chance to have weakened the gods. Keep in mind that the gods want worshipers, and the new god who is doing the best is the one with most worshipers, make that obvious to the players with a bunch of obvious clues. See if the players will try and get worshipers themselves to boost their power, if they do, boost their power. Or whomever of the new gods has the most worshipers, have them be the final boss. Make lesser minion gods or angels or demons or demi-gods that will fight with the bigger badder new gods. Also, give the players a choice where to fight, let them fight in the heavens or depths or on the world, and if they choose world, make catastrophes happen when the new gods swing, it’ll give you some cinematic moments where the new gods are ripping trees out of a the ground, a new god comes down from the heavens and flattens a mountain, things like that.

Eventually, the players either win and the ascend up to the heavens with other awakened old gods, or they fail and as they are dying, they feel a presence leave them of the old gods as they go off to find new hosts in five hundred years that can take on the new gods.

Would you play in a game like this? Would you run a game like this? How would you make it seem like the PC’s are hosts for old gods?

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