Friday Night D&D – Tower of the Gods Session 5

Friday Night D&D – Tower of the Gods Session 5

Got back to my D&D game last night. We’re far enough in that I’m only going to do a quick recap of what happened last time instead of everything. Last time they beat the other two teams to the end of their midterm. It was a tough battle against a monster, but they were able to do it with only Barrai falling unconscious.

The semester continues with Barrai trying to get some more money and Thrain doing a poor job of gambling. Bokken, more focused on the goal of finding out who the spies are meets with Castillia and finds out from her that of her barrack mates, Addrus and Narius are the two who are gone from the barracks and not hanging out on the campus most often.

Things are going fairly boringly with Thrain studying up on necromancy around a fire and Barrai is coming up with ways to mess with Dorin. Bokken is sharpening his weapons and keeping on eye on his surroundings, he sees Dorin searching some bushes for something and Addrus off talking to someone in the shadows. He then when he hears the sound of an alarm off in the distance and he can see something come out of the tower, a massive creature that then flies in their direction. As it gets closer he sees that it is a massive black dragon that spews acid across one of the barracks in the school. Bokken braces against the wings but Thrain is blown over.

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The group immediately jumps into action with Thrain getting up and rushing towards the barracks where he can hear Cordin and Castillia inside. He readies a spell against the dragon as he runs and unleashes it when the dragon comes back hexing the dragon. The wind from the wings knocks him down again. The teachers join them outside and Assendial urges the students down into a cellar below the mess hall. Bokken rushes into the barracks that’s structure has been weakened by acid and see that Castillia’s leg is pinned between a beam that was holding up the roof. Cordin, a wizard, is trying to lift it, Bokken helps and Castillia wiggles free. Bokken carries her to the mess hall where two other students take her to the basement. Meanwhile, the dragon flies over again and with a bit of luck Barrai taking a bunch of acid to the face as he’s by the barrack goes down but isn’t outright killed. Thrain drags Barrai out of the open and Assendial stabilizes him. Thrain, after placing his shield to cover part of Barrai, runs to the cellar. Bokken, on his way to get a weapon see Assendial trying to pull Barrai the mess hall and the cellar changes course to help her and they get Barrai into the cellar.

Looking around the cellar, Bokken notices that both Dorin and Addrus aren’t there. Remembering how suspicious Addrus had seen and questioning the timing, he has Thrain, who is considerably more sneaky than he is, sneak out during the fight to go and see what he can find where Addrus was. There wasn’t anything there, but Thrain decides to go into a tower where he could see better and see if he can see Addrus. He doesn’t see Addrus but he notices two things, first that there are tower climbers joining in the fight and that the barracks is getting razed to the ground by the dragon, and that there’s an odd spot that doesn’t seem to be kicking up dust and dirt when the dragon flies over it near where Addrus had been meeting. He goes over to investigate and finds what looks like a trapdoor. Thinking better of going just by himself, he goes back to Bokken.

Meanwhile, Parrag heals Barrai being him back to consciousness. And Bokken heads up the steps to watch the fight. Assendial shoos him back, but she’s busy supporting everyone else in the fight. Thrain fills them in and Bokken distracts Assendial so that Barrai and Thrain can sneak away. Then Bokken just walks away to join them. They get the trapdoor open, but they hear the barracks finish collapsing in on itself and decide not to investigate the ladder that leads down into darkness. On their way back Assendial catches them, she knows that Bokken disobeyed her, but Thrain lies and convinces her that he and Barrai were out looking for Bokken and avoiding trouble.

That’s where we ended. Not much behind the DM’s screen this time. Some things were made up on the spot, some things were planned, such as the dragon, but as to how much combat we’d be a part of, what would happen with the people trapped, that was all kind of up in the air depending on what the players did.

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