Point of Order: GenCon Order 2 – Rhino Hero Super Battle

Point of Order: GenCon Order 2 – Rhino Hero Super Battle

Now, with a name like that, it sounds like a kids game, and technically it is. It’s a game that where you’re stacking up buildings and having superhero animals fight each other and it’s simple and silly.

But that’s what I’m getting it, it’s simple and silly and Haba, the game company, had a Gen Con sale. For me, this seems like it will kind of fit in nicely with games like Ice Cool and Tokyo Highway. I enjoy dexterity games and I’ve heard great things about this one. I like the idea of something that builds up a lot, versus Ice Cool which is flicking. To me this is one of those games that will work well with adults but also with kids. I like the art in this game, and I think that the whole concept is cool.

I could talk more about it, but this picture really shows why I’m so interested in it, that just looks fun.

Image Source: BGG

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