Point of Order: Reichbusters Projekt Vril

Point of Order: Reichbusters Projekt Vril

There are some games out there that when you see them, you know it’s probably going to be a game that you will like. And for that reason, you might not want to pick it up because there’s a lot of stuff for the game. When Reichbusters first showed up in Kickstarter it was a game like that for me. Having a Wolfenstien feel to it, I thought that it looked interesting, but I had/have enough campaign games.

Then, it just kind of sticks with you as something that looks interesting, and the Kickstarter starts to deliver and you start to hear about the game. Now, it isn’t without it’s issues, it’s from Mythic Games and they are known for bad rule books, in fact, they are sending backers or have digitally sent backers an updated rule book that will be going out with the game going forward. But even with that, people were still enjoying the game. In particular there are two content creators who have done several videos, 3 playthroughs actually, that made me strongly interested in the game, that is GloryHoundd and DrGloryHogg whom I’m talked about before on the channel. I’ll add their videos of them playing the game at the end of the article.

Image Source: Mythic Games

Even with that, it was a Kickstarter game, there were Kickstarter exclusives, and I wasn’t sure if it was coming to retail or not. Then, during Gen Con Online, Mythic Games announced that they were opening up a webstore and selling some of their games, and that Reichbusters was going to be coming, eventually to retail. But through their web store, you could get the Kickstarter version of the game, because they had gotten extras. So doing a little research, I figured out what was Kickstarter exclusive and ordered some of that content, so I have the base game, a terrain expansion that just adds to the look and feel of the game, and one Kickstarter exclusive expansion.

What drew me to the game, though, besides it being a campaign game? Firstly, the theme, I like the idea of being this team that is going into a bunch of secret Nazi bases, taking out the Nazis but also stopping their experiments, and Nazi zombies and mechs. But what interested me with the theme is that it isn’t just a kick down the door, roll some dice, kick down a door, roll more dice, you have to plan more than that, you are trying to make as little noise as possible, because once they know you’re there, all hell will break loose and it’ll be much harder to win, so you want to push that off as long as possible. I also like that while it is a campaign game, you can also just play in a skirmish mode. So you just want to play a single mission in the campaign, they tell you how to do that, I like it when games do that, and even though Sword & Sorcery isn’t a game I’ve played that way, I appreciate that they do it, and Reichbusters does the game thing. Do I want to play through the campaign, absolutely, but I have a lot of those games, so I like that I don’t have to, and I can pull this out on a smaller game night and play it with people.

So for you, do this game seem interesting? If you are interested in it, check out the videos that are right below, because they do a good job of selling the game and the fun of it.

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