Coming to Kickstarter Vol 1: Frostpunk and 7th Citadel

Coming to Kickstarter Vol 1: Frostpunk and 7th Citadel

So I’ve decided as well as doing my Back or Brick and the Waiting on Kickstarter series, “Coming to Kickstarter” where I look at the announced games that are coming and talk about what is or isn’t interesting about them, and kind of why I picked them to look at.

Frostpunk: The Board Game

So this one I don’t know a ton about, but the theme is interesting to me. I like the idea of this frozen world, and it’s a theme we’ve seen in a few other games. This one interests me more than some of the others that feel theme adjacent because this one is cooperative, and it is scenario driven. And I actually like that this is scenario driven but not campaign driven. I’m starting to look for more games that are going to have that story element to it but won’t require a consistent group for an extended period of time.

It’s also a game that’s based off of a video game IP (intellectual property) so that means it should do well, especially with the fact it has minis and the fact that the video game company also did This War of Mine.

I’m a bit concerned about the game length. I don’t mind longer games, but I also don’t need only longer games. They say 120 to 180 minutes, at 120 it’s something that could get played fairly often especially since it can be played solo, but at 180, that’s pretty long.

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7th Citadel

Firstly, this game has a strong pedigree behind it with 7th Continent. It’s one that I have sitting on my shelf (well packed in a box right now) that I really need to play. I like the idea of exploration in that one, and this one seems to pick up with that, plus now they’ve had more time to streamline the rules and game play.

For me a neutral thing is that this is a dark fantasy setting. I know for some people that’ll get them excited, and I have nothing against dark fantasy, we’ve just seen a lot of dark fantasy as of late. Plus the world right now just with the pandemic, it feels a bit grim, so while hopefully things will be much better by the time you’d get The 7th Citadel into your hands, selling me on a dark fantasy theme right now is a bit harder.

Also for me, because I have 7th Continent but I haven’t played it yet, this is a hard sell for me to be all in on this game. I do think it’ll probably be a smoother spot to get into because 7th Continent is quite a beast, but they feel like they are going to scratch a similar itch, so I don’t know that I need two right now.

Finally, this one isn’t based off of an IP, but according to the blurb on Board Game Geek, this was inspired by the Fighting Fantasy book series, which are solo RPG’s that you can play.

So let me know what you think of these two games. Have you played Frostpunk the video game or the Fighting Fantasy solo RPG books? Do either of them stand out as a more interesting project that’s coming up to you?

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