Friday Night D&D – Waves of the Neon Seas

Friday Night D&D – Waves of the Neon Seas

The waters lap against the tranquil shores of the Neon Seas, their vibrant colors splash as each waves crests before it licks the shore. It’s feast day and the sounds of children splashing in the water and laughing can be heard as everyone around is in a good mood as they prepare for the feast of Thorogoth, the memory of those who had been lost in the Neon Seas years ago and the celebration of the new life that had come from it. The glee all of a sudden changes and soon everyone is watching in horror as giant vehicles and monsters start to emerge from the water.

“We see that you remember us, even if you don’t search for us anymore.”

A tall lithe woman stands on the top of one of these giant creatures with her fishy lips curled up in a sneer.

Boom, drop the players into that introductory scene. The fish people who are the descendants or maybe just the people who were lost in the neon seas are coming to exact their revenge upon the land and the people who abandoned them, or did they abandon those on land.

The players are going to have to first escape or be captured and taken to the under water city under the Neon seas. I think it should be something that the players do have a choice in, they can do either and both would offer some different challenges. First, if they escape, they are going to have to be on the run as the forces from the water are going to try and take back the land. If they go down into the underwater city, it’s going to be an escape that they have to eventually complete, not from a jail cell, but from the fact that the city is surround by leagues of water and they can’t breath underwater, yet.

Image Source: D&D Beyond

From there, the story can go a number of different ways as well, but eventually it’s going to be about the players learning about the Neon Sea and what happened. As the story goes, this group of people traveled to the lands in search of a new continent to start their lives on, and to see what they could make for themselves. But things on the voyage didn’t go as planned. Thorogoth the Brave, whom the players were celebrating might have been more of a tyrant who led the people on ships not through storms and destruction, but through sacrifices and pain as they got rid of those who didn’t follow him in an effort to appease the god of the sea.

But not all who were being thrown over weren’t great as well, in fact, on the way to the new continent, several spies for the old lands were on the ship and were thrown over into the Neon Sea. And these people have been stirring up this return that is happening all to claim back the lands and to finally be able to send word back to the original continent about the lands and about what might be found on the new lands.

I would say depending on what the players do, that’ll determine what they find out about first. If they run, they find out about Thorogoth the Brave first, if they are captured, about the spies and the plan to return to the continent. So the players will need to get both sides to reconcile because eventually those from the original continent will come, and they are considered “bad” for some reason.

Now, there are a few ways you can go with this, they can unite as a group after taking out the spies against those from the original continent. Or they can pick either side to back. I want for this game to have a real sandbox feel and for them to start to understand the depths of the culture that they are in and also probably start to learn more about the continent that they are on as it’s been a few generations but the people have never really left the shore area and moved further into the island. Just kind of give it some funky things about the continent, probably dinosaurs somewhere on there, hidden ruins of ancient civilizations, and probably things that are going to make them question if this continent is the paradise they had hoped, maybe even finding out, and this would be a twist I would enjoy pulling off, that this new continent is actually their old continent, the one that they had before their previous continent and that this whole situation had actually played out before to some extent.

I wouldn’t weave in all of that at once, but start to lay the groundwork for a lot of those things and see what the players latch onto in terms of what you’ll make most important in your story. Normally there is a more defined end goal, but in this, we have people from the previous continent coming, are they really a BBEG, probably not, people from under the Neon Sea, probably not the BBEG either. So see what happens when things are a bit more grey, or in this case neon.

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