Malts and Meeples: Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game Test Stream

Malts and Meeples: Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game Test Stream

So, this is kind of a test of my new set-up, I need to spend more time with OBS for sure and clean up what I’m doing so it looks better. I feel like it’s fairly simple at this point in time and I think that I can add in more interesting things to it. I also want to figure out how to properly set it up so that I’m not playing sideways to the board, it might just take a little bit to do that.

But I’m curious with this play through how people thought it went from a technical side of things. I’m going to be back streaming again on Wednesday. I’m planning on doing Marvel Champions, so hopefully I’ll have a better setup. What I’ve noticed thus far is that I get a little bit of shadow from the tripod as well which I’m hoping to work around and eventually improve the lighting.

It’ll be a work in progress for a little bit as I improve the look and feel of it, but I hope it’ll be something that I can get better at with time and something that’ll be a lot of fun for people watching, and hopefully I’ll have better luck with the game that I’m playing than I did with that Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game set-up.

Also, to just talk about the beer quickly, that was a Kalamazoo Stout. Good deep flavored stout with bitter chocolate as the main note. It is a good demonstration of how you can use a lot of hops in a dark beer and not end up with floral notes or that real earthy taste but instead get a nice of bitterness that really highlights the roasted maltier notes and drives home the chocolate flavor.

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