Point of Order: Parade and Pinball and more

Point of Order: Parade and Pinball and more

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these, mainly because what I’ve grabbed has been immediate from my FLGS the last few times and mainly been expansions for Marvel Champions. Though, I did pick up Yggdrasil Chronicles when I was there, as it was used and Skull and Mariposas recently, so I’ll be talking about a bunch today.


This is a game that I already know that I like, and it’s a pretty simple game. In fact it’s already been on my top 100. What I liked about this game is that it’s a very simple push your luck bluffing game. All you’re doing is putting down coasters (basically) face down that either have a rose or a skull on them. Eventually someone will start bidding, the trick is that you have to flip over all of yours first, so I might be five, knowing that I have a skull, which will bust me in my stack, in hopes that you’ll bid six, and flip over mine and bust. Simple concept, simple game play, but interesting bluffing and reading your opponent aspect.


I blame this one on GloryHoundd and DrGloryHogg. They did a play through of it, and it wasn’t really on my radar that much, but the game play looked simple and interesting, which is what I look for fairly often in games. I find that I tend to buy bigger games, like the big campaign games I back on Kickstarter, or I want it to be a streamlined game that I can pull out for a board game night, once those happen again. Mariposas looks really interesting in how you are flying butterflies north, going through generations, trying to score points based on cards that really drive you further and further north, but then you start racing south to get your last generation of butterflies all the way back down to where they’ll winter. The game play just has you playing cards, collection sets of flowers, and moving your butterflies, so it’s something that I can teach easily and a theme that is less hard core nerdy than a fantasy game that’d do something similar.

Image Source: Ludonaute

Ygdrassil Chronicles

This one was more a buy on a whim, because I saw this at GenCon in 2019, and I thought that it looked cool. Plus, I’ve heard good things about the original Ygdrassil. This is not the normal type of game that would draw me in, but variable player powers and cooperative play are always things that interest me. Plus the giant 3D tree just looks cool, so I’m always in for a game that can help sell itself on the table. I’m excited to learn and try this one.

Now, we’re getting to the two that I ordered which triggered this:


Parade is an interesting little game with a pasted on Alice in Wonderland theme, or really artwork. But the game is still a lot of fun. In this game you’re collecting sets of colors, but you don’t want all the colors, more chances to score, and you don’t want lots of points in the colors. You want to have the fewest points possible, but depending on the color and number you play you collect cards. Adding to that, maybe you do want a lot of cards of a single color, or at least more than everyone else, because if you have the most of the color they are only worth one point per card instead of face value. Interesting game with massively disparate scores, but a lot of fun, because it plays pretty fast, and it’s a fairly random game, but one that you can think about your turn as it comes up, and limited amount of AP in the game.

Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade

A long name for a roll and write, so I’m just going to call it Super-Skill Pinball, this is one that has been on my radar for a bit, because it is a roll and write game, and is just coming out now. In this game you are playing one of four arcade machines (everyone is playing a like machine), one person will roll the dice and everyone will use one of the two dice to do a shot, you are trying to hit bumpers and keep your ball up as long as you can scoring as many points as you can. There are ways the ball has to move around certain things, and push your luck elements on some of them that can score you more. The game works well because you can do all the pinball stuff such as nudge the table, but don’t nudge it too much so you don’t end up with a title. I like roll and write games a lot, there will be a lot in my top 100, and they work well with lots of different groups of people, so this one with it’s unique theme really interested me.

Which of these games is the most interesting to you?

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