Point or Order: Target Sale – TIME Stories and more

Point or Order: Target Sale – TIME Stories and more

So last week Amazon did their Prime Days, and like normal, the board game sales were suspect at best. While Amazon can be a decent spot to find a smaller business selling stuff through Amazon to get good board games, Amazon’s selection and sales are normally limited more towards the main board game market with stuff like Monopoly of 150 different flavors, Spot It!, and then some of the Catans and Ticket to Rides. Target, on the other hand, did a sale at the same time, trying to piggyback on people looking online for sales and had a bunch of board games 25% off and not only that but if you spent $100 you could get $25 off in addition. So I browsed their selection and from them getting exclusive distribution for a limited time to Jaws of the Lion, the “small” box Gloomhaven game, and having other games that are quite popular and more hobby market on their shelves, I was able to find a few good games to order.

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TIME Stories

Now, I already have T.IM.E. Stories, so I didn’t buy the base box again, there’s no reason for that. But some Target, somewhere, had some expansions for it, and while I have the first three, there are a whole lot more and a whole lot that I really want to play because I love that game a lot as it’s #12 in my Top 100 Games. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the next expansion that I needed but they did have the next two after that. So while I might no get them played for a little bit, it was a pretty easy decision to add those to the order to get it closer to $100 and that $25 back. Even with just the 25% off that was cheaper than most places have them, and while I would have paid full price eventually, it’ll be nice to have that backlog for the few people we do see for gaming, so we can schedule out a few times playing with them.

Pandemic Legacy Season 2

So, I already had Pandemic Legacy Season 2 and got rid of it because obviously you can play through the campaign game once. This is a legacy game, and does not leave you with something you can play again. And while it is in my Top 100, it isn’t my favorite Pandemic Legacy, currently Season 1, though Season 0 is coming out soon. So why did I pick it up, because I had a ton of fun streaming Pandemic Legacy Season 1 on Malts and Meeples, and while I remembered some about that game, I remember even less about Pandemic Legacy Season 2, so I want to stream that again, it was a good time and I know that I’ll have fun playing it again. So I’m really interested in seeing how much I remember and there’s something just about playing a familiar game, so again 25% off is basically what you can find it for all the time now, but was worth grabbing as part of this sale.

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Hues and Cues

The last one, and I have to say I’m glad that this was the first one to ship because we used it for board game night and had a blast with it. In this game you are taking turn using a card (or for the people who didn’t have the cards just picking) a color on a grid of 30 by 16 and you try and get the other players to guess and for each guess that is either the color or around it, 3×3 square, you get 1 point, but the players guessing, they get points for not only being in that 3×3 square 2 points for being around the spot and 3 points for being on it, but going out one further, so a 5×5 square, they get a point. The clue giver firsts gives a one word clue and then a two word clue and players guess each time. It works well on Zoom or other streaming as long as you can show the board, so a fun game that can play up to 10 people.

That’s the latest order and probably one of the last point of orders for the year. I still have a pre-order that I’m waiting on from CoolStuffInc that is going to give a lot to play. I could see ordering the missing TIME Stories expansion but that’ll be about it. Overall, even without going to cons, a bunch of new games that year and a bunch of fun games as well. We’ll see if there are any announcements of anything exciting at this weeks Essen Spiel Digital that is happening that I might talk about.

Which of these games is the most intriguing for you?

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