Top 100 Board Games Complete List

Top 100 Board Games Complete List

There it is, Top 100 board games list completed for the year 2020. I’m excited because I now have so many games that I hadn’t so much as forgotten about, but games that hadn’t made it off the shelf that I really want to get back to the table again. I hope that you’ve enjoyed the list, as you can tell, I’m not much of a Euro Gamer. I don’t mind them, but I definitely prefer the more thematic games.

I’m going to put up the list now before I talk about what was on the list and how much some things have moved, just in case you haven’t looked at the whole list yet waiting for it to be completed.

100 to 91

90 to 81

80 to 71

70 to 61

60 to 51

50 to 41

40 to 31

30 to 21

20 to 11

10 to 1

So let’s look at some numbers or interesting tidbits from the list.

  • 5 games remained in the Top 10
  • Of the 5 new games, three of them were brand new to the list
  • 10 new games overall in the Top 50, all played since I made my list last year
  • 6 new games to the list in the Bottom 50 for a total of 16 new games overall
  • Biggest move into the Top 10 was from 21 up to 8
  • Biggest fall from the Top 10 was from 6 to 17
  • Numbers 1 and 100 hadn’t moved

Obviously there is a whole lot more that I could look at in there as well, those were just a few things that stood out to me. So out of this 100, what are your favorites? And what are your top 10 games, I’m really interested in to see how people’s tastes are different or similar to mine.

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