Holiday List – Anime Action

Holiday List – Anime Action

Final holiday list of the year as we are getting up to Thanksgiving, and honestly, most places already have Black Friday deals going because with Covid, shipping times might take longer, but more than that, people aren’t getting into stores as much nor will there be a crush of people going to stores, so get your shopping in early people.

Art Work

Normally I talk about artwork and things like that, you can get posters from the shows, but I recommend hitting up something like Etsy, because you are going to find some interesting and unique art there. While actual official pictures are cool, something that could be more personalized is going to be artwork from their favorite show that someone has custom created, or I know that people will often to artwork from the manga as well, or create artwork by using panels of the manga, so I’d definitely snoop around on Etsy. With this, it is important to know what their favorite show is, but honestly, that’s going to be the case with almost all of the suggestions that I have.

Dagashi Subscription Box

This one is a bit out there, and might not be for all anime fans, but if they like Japanese culture as well, it is a great idea, and it’s something that is related to what they like a lot anyways. And it really allows someone to dive a bit more into the culture of Japan in a fun way, and just see what some different and new things are. The nice thing is you don’t need to get them a reoccurring subscription, you can buy a one off box, or there are sellers on Etsy who sell bundles of dagashi as well. I’d lean towards one of the mass market boxes versus off of Etsy, just so you know how fresh everything is, but it’s a fun and different idea.


I could call them action figures, but some of them are just kind of figures. Again, knowing their favorite anime is important here. You can probably find a figure from most anime, though it might be Funko or it might cost an arm and a leg, but knowing what some of their favorites will allow you to get something they for sure will like. And there are a few different types you can look at getting, Funko is a great option, I consider it kind of an office option, those will be great for having in your home office in the background or in your office cubicle without them being too risky. But there are more impressive posed ones, like I have a nice Kirito one from Sword Art Online that would just stand out too much in an office, but on display in a bedroom, home office, movie/family room area, it’d be great and it’s a great addition to my game room.

Image Source: Netflix

Collectors Editions

I’ve talked about this so often before, but generally, not a great idea to get something like a show or a movie or a book or a game for someone who loves those things because they might already have it. I’m pretty sure with my game and movie collection my wife would think twice and have to spend some time figuring out what I don’t have. The same goes for someone who has an anime collection, however, the collectors editions of an anime, those are something that people might be slightly less apt to pick up, spend $50-100 on one anime, or get five anime for that same price, most of the time people will pick the quantity, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want the quality. So get them the quality and let them enjoy their anime in an awesome collectors edition that is kind of focal point for their collection, versus just another piece of it.


This is a pretty wide open category, kind of like art, but I think compared to art, this one is going to be something that more anime fans will really like. It’s a subtle way to show off your fandom everywhere, without it taking up wall space, which might be limited. By flair, of course I am meaning stuff like buttons in Office Space, but not just that, enamel pins, decals for a car window, stickers that you can put on a laptop, a little figure for a keychain. Any of those items that give a little pop of fandom without making it overbearing or too obvious. Even things like ear rings would work well because it’s something that can be subtle but people who know will know. And as we know from Office Space, you can never have too much flair and in fact more is better. Plus, these can be really unique items, which is awesome, compared to something like a Funko which is a great way to show a fandom, but more main stream.

Now, there’s a whole lot more in the way of options. I mentioned dagashi subscription boxes, but there are anime ones as well. The downside to those is that what’s in them might be hit or miss for the anime fan. So instead, I like to leave it more focused, there is also apparel, but that’s also risky trying to get a size or style right, so generally I’d skip clothing. And if you know them really well, an anime would work, or you could pay for a year long subscription to one of the anime streaming services like VRV, Crunchyroll, or Funimation.

Alright, a lot of Holiday Lists in the bag, hopefully there is some cross over for you with the loved nerds in your life that you’ll be able to use.

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