Holiday List – The Movie Buff

Holiday List – The Movie Buff

We talked about the book lover yesterday, so we’re onto that person who loves their movies so much. You know this person because they have a quote for everything, which can be entertaining. But what do you get that person who loves movies?

Movie Poster

Now, this is something that they might have already, but something to consider is either a full size or even a small movie poster. I have a big one in my basement that will be in the theater room for Guardians of the Galaxy. If they have a theater room they might already have something like that, but if there’s a little wall space, the smaller ones are fun as well. I have “The Fearless Vampire Killer” up in my office in a pretty reasonable about one quarter the size of a normal poster. If they have limited wall space in a movie room, consider smaller ones that they can put by each other so that they can then have a variety of movies to show off on their wall.

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Coffee Cups

Most people drink coffee or tea, so one option would be to lean into that and grab a themed coffee cup. I think of how my wife has one with a stylized version of a number of the Disney Princesses on it. Something like that, whether it’s directly tied to a movie or not will work quite nicely. This falls into that stocking stuffer category as well. And you don’t need to just limit it to coffee cups, I know that there are Star Wars pint glasses and shot glasses as well, so really any type of glassware is a solid idea, in my opinion. I have a full collection of Doctor Who shot glasses, don’t get used to often, but they are fun to have around.

Mini Projector

Now, this one is a bit out there, stocking stuffer size, but not a stocking stuffer price. Make your movie watching portable with this. It’s fun for a warm evening, sitting outside, something easy to pull out. For a movie fan, it won’t be the same as going to a theater, but it will be a fun time. There are other things, like a mini screen that could go along with this as well if you want to make it into something even bigger for a significant other, or depending on how you give gifts. But allowing someone to take their passion to somewhere that they couldn’t normally is a lot of fun to be a part of.


Now, this covers a ton of things, but what I’m thinking is the “collectable” things. I know that movies often will sell off some of the things used on set, things like that. Those can get very expensive, but sometimes they’ll also sell a slide from an animated film, stuff like that. The items that aren’t another knick knack that you will put on a shelf and then forget about, again stuff that makes a splash when you see it, that is interesting and different than anything that someone else might have. There are shops on Etsy that sell copies of animation cels for cartoons, so even though it’s not an original, it’s something that is unique.

Pop Corn Maker

What’s a movie without popcorn, nothing I say. But getting a movie style big popcorn maker might be a bit much. But you can get a smaller tabletop one for not that much. This is again perfect for a theater room to make an area feel real unique and cool. Even if they don’t have a good popcorn maker, a classic air popper or a whirlypop for the stovetop are good as well. And there’s more that you can get around this idea as well, there are some great sample boxes of popcorn where you can try a whole wide variety of popcorn kernels and flavorings to see what you like. Or sets of the flavorings, so the movie fan can have a movie experience even at home.

I’ve left a couple of obvious things off the list. the first is movies. Unless you are buying a box set, or you can actively look at the movie collection, physical and digital, of someone, there’s a chance they’ll already have it. Duplicates are no fun to get for the holidays. I also skipped apparel. I think that caps, if the person is a cap person, can be fine, but clothing is so particular with how they fit different builds of people, it’s a tough buy for Christmas or any holiday.

What are some things that I missed for movies, if you’re a movie fan, what would you like to get?

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