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Risk Legacy (Spoilers)

I'm going to do a little write-up in here each time we play, so there will be spoilers.

First, you don't have to actually take over the world, which is nice.  You are trying to collect points, either by not having won a game, or by controlling bases or by trading in resource cards.

First game, we had three of the bases packed in tightly together. Each base is worth one victory point and because no one had won a game, everyone got a victory point to start out. This made the first game very fast, think it took about half an hour. One person came and smashed a base on the very first turn. Then, still on the first round, that person had their base taken. This then opened up two bases for me, it was either my third or fourth turn I was able to take over the 3rd base that I needed and won the game.

Second game, for some reason I had a target on my back. I feel like that was just mean. That said, again it was fairly fast, I was the only one who didn't start out with two points. Since I won a game I got a missile which helps with dice rolls, but not with victory points. Everyone was a little bit more protective and turtled up a little bit. With that, it still went fast, I got my base taken quickly and then was working at a deficit from that. One person was able to get set-up in Australia and then was able to launch out of there around turn four or five to take care of their third base.