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25 Years of WWE RAW

So last night I watched RAW on their 25th Anniversary special. It was a lot of fun, though not much actually happened. They brought back so many of the previous big stars.

Undertaker, Shaun Michaels, Triple H (though he's around), New Age Outlaws, The Dudley Brothers, Razor Ramon, X-Pac, and so many other people. Stone Cold. And he hit both Shane McMahon and Vince McMahon with stunners which was great.

And later this week, well, on Sunday, we have the Royal Rumble which is my favorite pay-per-view. The format is just a ton of fun and it gets everyone involved.

Royal Rumble was last night:

Watched last night:

Missed the Cruiser Weight match, not all that sad about that.

Saw the Club vs Revival was what I expected from said match. Overall could build up to something later.

Bobby Roode US Title Open Challenge - I mean, I guess of Mojo was in the Rumble it was something for him to do. Would have been better to bring back an ECW alum for the watch, would have actually been a good final warm-up match.

Main Card -

AJ Styles defeats Kevin Owns/Sami Zayn - It felt weird to have it just mainly be a match to continue the lines of Shame McMahon doesn't like Kevin Owens and vice-a-versa. It was a solid match and a solid spot where the tag was missed to continue the refs missing stuff. I wish the ref had been further out of position for some reason, it just was too telegraphed that he wasn't looking.

The Usos defeat Benjamin/Gable - Meh match. I thought the wrestling was solid, I wouldn't expect much less from them as they all work well. Still Benjamin and Gable not getting in a fall at all, that kind of ends them as a tag threat for quite a while.

Men's Rumble - I like the fact that this was middle of the card. Got the crowd going again, and the first ever women's rumble deserved to be the main event. Overall, felt like pretty standard rumble fare. Interesting things were Wyatt and Woken Matt Hardy working together. The return of Mysterio and the fact that Cien Almas and Adam Cole Bae Bae came up from NXT. The end with the old guard and the "new" guard facing off was a nice touch, and I was happy to see Shinsuke win. I liked the Heath Slater gag that ran for a while. One confusing part was Sami Zayn entering, but no Kevin Owens. It made sense, they beat up Tye Dillinger to get in, but when Zayn was eliminated before the last few entrants were in, why not have them beat someone else up and get KO in, have him be one of the last four would have been strong for them.

The Bar defeated Rollins and Jordan - I'm glad to have the belts off of Rollins and Jordan. Does this mean that we're going to get a Rollins/Jordan feud? I hope not, right now I'm not sure what they really do with Jordan? They just need to force things and move him into a heavy heal position.

Lesnar pins Kane in a Triple Threat match with Braun Strowman as the third in the match - Some big moments and once chairs were involved the match stepped up big time. Having Lesnar being the first to bring in a weapon makes Strowman look even stronger. I'm assuming once Roman Reigns beats Lesnar we're going to see more Reigns Strowman, which I'd be cool with.


Women's Rumble - This was a great first women's rumble. Giving Lita the first elimination was cool and while the moonsault she did wasn't that great, seeing her and a number of the legends was pretty fun. They also made a good call letting Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks have long runs in there. It felt like they are starting the Banks heel turn with her eliminating Bailey quickly towards the end of the match. The expected players from the main rosters got pretty strong showings, though the number of eliminations that were given to the legends was just too high. Would have been nice to see some of the current roster actually get an elimination because being in the ring a while is fine, but eliminating a person or two is good. No surprise with Asuka winning. Good to have her win and not put Rousey in there, and then have Rousey show up at the end.

Overall, it was a fun show, with the tag matches as the restroom breaks.