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AcadeCon Games

We'll do a more in depth review of games and systems, but wanted to call out the systems that we did play and see if anyone has played them:


Cypher System - Was a post-apocalyptic world where only Magi, Vampires, and Werewolves were around. I got to play an impulsive Magi and had fun with that.

Axon Punk Overdrive - Think Cowboy Bebop. Was a lot of fun, music based, but mainly a lot of cyber punk fun, got to make our own characters for that which was great.

Dreamchaser - A game where you really can do anything, we went through a number of goals and managed to catch a fairy. Pete who ran the game was in a game that Kristen and I played in last year and he's been a great guy to chat with in real life and on twitter, so was a lot of fun play his game.