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I just binged most of the first season on Netflix.  Granted, it's pretty short-- I got through 5 episodes in an evening, and I believe I have one left.  It has a lot of promise.  The basic premise is that 7 people come back to life, digging their way out of their graves in a small Australian town.  The town's police sergeant (who seems to be one of three? cops in the town) and the local doctor are at first at a loss with what to do with seven people who apparently have no memories, not even of their names, but things become clearer... and at the same time, more confusing... when Sgt. Hayes recognizes one of them.

It's part mystery and part scifi and part drama.  There's a second season currently being aired.  I squawked a lot as I was watching, and other people should watch so they can squawk too.

Oh, that seems like a lot of fun. I like people coming back from the dead and how to deal with that. We'll have to check that one out.