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Risk Legacy (Spoilers)

I'm going to do a little write-up in here each time we play, so there will be spoilers.

First, you don't have to actually take over the world, which is nice.  You are trying to collect points, either by not having won a game, or by controlling bases or by trading in resource cards.

First game, we had three of the bases packed in tightly together. Each base is worth one victory point and because no one had won a game, everyone got a victory point to start out. This made the first game very fast, think it took about half an hour. One person came and smashed a base on the very first turn. Then, still on the first round, that person had their base taken. This then opened up two bases for me, it was either my third or fourth turn I was able to take over the 3rd base that I needed and won the game.

Second game, for some reason I had a target on my back. I feel like that was just mean. That said, again it was fairly fast, I was the only one who didn't start out with two points. Since I won a game I got a missile which helps with dice rolls, but not with victory points. Everyone was a little bit more protective and turtled up a little bit. With that, it still went fast, I got my base taken quickly and then was working at a deficit from that. One person was able to get set-up in Australia and then was able to launch out of there around turn four or five to take care of their third base.

Games 3 & 4 were played last night. One of the players couldn't make, so we played with three players.

First game had a fair amount of back and forth. The player who does their normal set-up in Australia (or Southeastern Asia, the gateway to Australia) went there, so I countered that by actually going into Australia. Things went decently well with that, but it broke when I overextended, and the smart slow play of the player who I wasn't harrying was able to get enough troops together and walk through two bases and get the win.

The second game every player was starting out with no victory points besides their bases. And we knew that we'd be opening at least one, possibly up to three packets. Game started with us spread out over the world. I immediately over extended myself and tried to grab a hold of all of Europe, which left me too open and my base was taken quickly. I was working from a deficit from that point on. The Australia strategy was in full effect as well as Africa being held for a lot of the game. The game went forward with the Australia player launching out and spreading their forces out, leaving those forces exposed, but generally protecting the gateway to Australia. The Africa player built out more slowly. It ended up being the winning strategy. In an attempt to get ahead, the Australia player tried to wipe me out, but came up just short after I had a few good rolls. The Africa player was able to knock me off of the board, and then encouraged the Australia player into trying to take over every other territory, so we'd be able to open another packet by having someone fully eliminated. They counted out the pieces, and the Australia player was sure he had enough to do it, so he spread out and took over every territory. Then it was my turn, and I was going to be out, but what I had noticed was that they never counted Japan. So I was able to get back into the game, even if ever so slightly. The game ended after my turn as the Africa player was able to get enough troops to capture the base that he needed and trade in for victory points.


We opened one of the two things that we would open at the end of the game. We got mission and event cards, and I'm excited to see what they do. I'm still enjoying the game, because of the pace of the game, it flows nicely and even though we haven't opened a ton of hard a ton of rule changes, it works because it's so fast. I'm looking forward to getting in a couple more games in a couple of weeks.

I'm also figuring out strategy for the game, because there is so much of the board that is open, it's tempting to take a more classic Risk strategy and try and hold as much area as possible, but because it is so open, the better strategy seems to be a slower expansion, so I'm going to have to adjust strategy for the next game. One of the big things too with three players is that getting to four victory points means that you have to trade stuff in, that makes it more challenging because do you burn cards to get troops or do you try and horde them in order to get the victory point that you need. I'm wondering if with four players the game will be more open again, because you can win just by taking over all the bases.

We played again this past Wednesday, and as expected, I was victorious (or something like that). But in more detail.

We had a number of new things to open up. One of the coolest things to start the game was that instead of a single random die roll determining who places first and who gets first pick of the races, we now draft it. There is still a die roll to determine who drafts first, but you're drafting starting coins (which can give you more troops or victory points), races, who places their base first, who goes first, and how many troops each person has. That gave it a little bit more strategy. The first things to go were troop totals and then it was kind of all over the place and it was interesting to see what other peoples strategies were.

It started out generally as expected, with the player in Africa taking his normal spot, we had our fourth player again, so they went into South America, and then I went into Australia, breaking up our normal Australia players plan. He went into the north eastern corner of Asia so that he was controlling the route between Asia and North America. Then the battle commenced. We had a couple of new things as well in this game, we had missions that we could complete to give us points as well as events that would happen whenever a coin card with an even number came up. This gave the game a bit more variability even than before. I do feel like the event cards at times are a bit too helpful for the leading player, but it didn't hurt me this time.

The biggest conflict to start was between Africa and South America and it escalated quickly. In one fell swoop between North Africa and Brazil, where missiles were used, North Africa launched a nuke destroying the South America players base, not only that, destroying all his troops in Brazil and then the fallout took care of the remaining troops in North Africa and South America, wiping the South America player off the board.

They came back with a vengeance their next turn attacking the Asia player who had spread themselves too thin and taking over their base. That then slowed down the battles as the players focused more on small forays against each other keeping other players from getting bonuses. Out of Australia, I was finally able to launch a large scale assault and managed to push forward the conflict as I was gaining troops rapidly. This was aided by some good missions that I was able to grab hold of and score points off of.

Things continued to race forward and the Africa player, in a fit of fury knocked the former South America off the board again. But he had overextended himself in order to get cards that would allow him to win the game. Not realizing that I was poised to launch out and score my last victory point, I launched an offensive out of China and took over his recently conquered base thus solidifying my victory in the annals of Risk Legacy.

We're now five games into Risk Legacy and the scores look like this:
I'm at 2 victories
Our Africa player is at 2 victories
Our normal Australia player has a single victory (played out of Asia this time)
And our final player, who missed one week, has no victories.

What shall happen next time, will we open one of the last two boxes/cards? We shall see.

No earth shattering shake-ups to our game of Risk Legacy last night as we didn't open anything new, but we had some interesting developments.

The first game started with an interesting draft and an interesting new development on the board as the Mutants and Khan Industries (mutants come from the nuclear event happening and Khan Industries caused it). So we had a new race to draft, and the first game started off with the player in Africa taking the mutants and facing off against myself, who had taken Khan Industries and based myself out of Iceland where I started building up my troops quickly. The other two players sought to fight over Australia and we saw the downfall of the Bear Enclave. With having never lost before, they were immediately booted out of Australia, and the game was on from there. Oddly enough, the Bears were the only ones to get wiped off the board in a game in the two games that we played. So that means that they are the only ones who have a new ability. This ability is that they can recruit troops to any empty area, which means that they are spring up for a surprise attack if you aren't careful. However, they were out of it because of their first turn. The battle then heated up as I worked out of Iceland to hold most of North America. The player in Australia eventually got the upper hand, as it was more advantageous for the mutants to attack myself playing the Khan Industries and I had to use my missiles for attacks instead of using them to build up my troops faster. The player in Australia was able to get the win in what turned out to be a pretty quick game. Instead of placing a reward to get another city on the board, he defend his normal base city.

That came into play in the second game, as we had one person start out in the dangerous fallout area of Brazil, avoiding where it was bombed. The player who normally start in Africa actually started in Iceland to stop myself from getting that position, so instead, I took his position, and the player who starts normally in South East Asia so he can get Australia did that again. That kind of set the tone for the game, as we built out slowly, and things were going poorly for the player in Iceland, so he decided to just rapidly expand to spread himself out. This set it out to give the player in South America a chance to win, as they were poised to get their third point by taking over Iceland. Unfortunately that battle was too grueling and his attacks against the fortified base (see the end of game upgrade) ended up being too much. Then the next three turns each other player tried to take over that poorly defended base, unfortunately do to some lucky and great rolling it was never taken over. With everyone having weakened themselves some the player out of Australia was able to launch a final offensive and pull down the victory.

Australia has 3 victories
I have 2 victories
Africa has 2 victories
And we have one player (the one who cursed the Bear Enclave) with 0 wins.

Breaking News from the world of Risk Legacy, the Bear Clan has been redeemed, and we have a win for our winless player!

The first game was a sprint to the finish as the Bear Clan went on a fast rampage, holding six cities, and taking over a base to get to the four points needed to win in the first game. Using the bears power of being able to deploy to any empty spot when new troops were added, the player was able to make quick in roads, holding his base in Africa and eventually on turn three taking over my base. This was well the rest of us were duking it out in North America. It was a brilliant tactical victory for the Bears and got every single player on the board.

The second game was a bit more of a long and drawn out affair as people went back to their more standard strategies. The Australia player grabbed Australia player, the Africa player played out of Iceland with the Khan Industries who now are really good out of Iceland, and the Bears were out of Africa being played by the player who had won the previous game, however, I went a different direction and grabbed the mutants and sent them down into South America where they could spread out in relative peace. The first main battle took place in Australia as the player in Europe just took control of Europe and I just took over South America and worked into North America in peace. The battle for Australia was tough, but weakened defenses in the base ended up causing an eventual takeover. This got the Australia player knocked off the board, however, they were able to come back but greatly weakened. The battle out of Africa into Australia stretched the defenses too thin and out of South America and Europe attacks came on Africa. The Europe player beat me to taking out the base and was able to rush ahead and grab another point as well. With little hope of winning, I launched out and took over a base, knowing that I needed two to win the game. I threw my forces up at Iceland and was able to take it down, however, it took a tole on my troops and I didn't have quite enough to overthrow the base down there. Then additional blows came to my troops (and many other peoples as well) in the form of a brutal event that killed off a lot of the population. The player out of Europe was able to pull off the victory on their next turn and ended the game.

We'll be back in two weeks with more fun in Risk Legacy.

Africa Player (now Europe Player) 3 Victories
Australia 3 Victories
Me 2 Victories
Bear Redeemer 1 Victory