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Stranger Things Season 2 (Spoiler Full)

We're doing double threads, could probably be in the reviews, but I want to also bring up fan theory/critiques of it.

Overall, I really really liked it since we watched it in two nights. There were a few things that I felt like didn't pay off totally in the end.

008 was kind of a let-down. I get her motivation and everything behind what she is doing, but we knew there were more like 011 and meeting 008 and how much that added to the story, it was just kind of lacking. Now, it made 100% sense in the story, but because of the trailers, I thought we might be delving more into 011's background, but that's probably coming down the line.

Max and Billy were also a bit of a disappointment. Max was a fun character, and Billy was easy to hate, but their payoff in the end was really disappointing. Their story was mundane in some ways and didn't really feel like it matched the level of the rest of the show. In the end it felt like Billy was just there as a plot device and to be 80's than for any other reason really. And that in turn made Max feel like less of a character too because she interacted with someone who was just 80's stereotype.

However, there were some awesome points:

I love the depth that you get from Eleven and Hopper. And the end scene with Hopper and the Doctor in the restaurant and the birth certificate was amazing payoff for everything that Hopper and Eleven had gone through together.

I really liked the Doctor as well, I know he was a "bad" guy, but I think he'd probably be better described as curious than truly bad. You could see that he did have empathy for Will and when the soldiers were getting hurt or things were happening to other people as the Demidogs attacked, he was worried and cared.

Dustin also really stole the show. With her pearls and his looking up to Steve and his wanting a girlfriend, it was just a lot of really funny stuff with him. I kind of thought how much the boys fought again was a little odd, didn't make a ton of sense, but Dustin's love of Dart was fun.

And then there was the PI, he was really funny and the crackpot type that you'd expect.

Overall, I love this show so much, Season 1 and 2 are probably two of the best seasons of TV I've ever seen, and if I were to redo my Top 5 TV Shows, Stranger Things might be even higher.

I forgot this, but I really love how Dustin loves Three Musketeers. Maybe other people caught onto that original, but there is a really really good reason why he likes them since they are all nougat.

Poor teef!

It's been almost a week and I still cannot get the new season out of my head. Every bit as good as the original, but in some different ways. I feel like they really start getting at the humanity of some of the characters, and dig into their different foibles and virtues and how these play off of each other. They threw the characters together in some new one-on-one settings, too, which really told us a lot about who the characters are as people--I totally loved it.