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2019 Nerd Preview

2019 Nerd Preview

This is going to be different from my resolutions and those for Nerdologists, because these are some of the big things in 2019 that I’m really looking forward to. Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon -This board game I kickstarted in December but should have […]

2018 Top 5: Books/Series

2018 Top 5: Books/Series

I always have to add in series, because a lot of the time, my favorite is because they are a series. And a good series can really take a good book and bring it to another level. I’ve also written about bad series before, but […]

Casting the Dream – Reckoners

Casting the Dream – Reckoners

So, for some silly fun, much like making meals to go along with certain books, games, or movies, what would be some dream castings for various movies.

Image Source: Goodreads

This one I’m starting with the book series by Brandon Sanderson The Reckoners with the first book being called Steelheart.

Story Synopsis:

There was an event that happened around a decade ago known as calamity. This even caused people to receive super powers, however, everyone who got powers became evil. Among those was a powerful epic (as the super heroes are called) named Steelheart who is invulnerable to damage. He killed our main character, David, father several years earlier. Now David, who was eight or so when that happened, has grown up and is still living in Newcago (Chicago, but now turned to steel). He’s grown up in a hard life as an orphan, but what he wants more than anything is to kill Steelheart and he knows of a resistance group, known as the Reckoners who kill the epics, and he wants to find them and join them.

Let’s meet the characters:

David – Our main character, he is eighteen years old, or so, and has a lot of troubles with metaphors. He also, growing up as an orphan and kid of a loner, doesn’t have great social skills. He’s just put his efforts into researching epics, trying to find their weaknesses, and figuring out where the Reckoners are and who they might be.

Prof – The leader of the Reckoners. He’s a very serious man who likes to plan everything out as well as he can. But he isn’t a pushover who is just a brain, he is also good in a fight. A little bit older, he has been through the wars with the epics and is still standing.

Tia – The technological wiz of the Reckoners, she has been with Prof from the beginning. She helps him plan, she has the connections for the research into epics, and she is the support for the Reckoners missions. She’s also one of the few who can talk with Prof when he is mad without her getting more mad at her.

Abraham – Heavy arms expert who really believes that there have to be some good epics out there, or that this is just a challenge for humanity and if they pass it, the good will come. He’s very even keel and relaxed.

Cody – From the south, but really loves his Irish/Scottish/Australian heritage. He’s a sniper who is kind of a jack of all trades. He’s smarter than he seems, but he puts a front of being a weirdo just because that’s how he deals with how hard everything is and how hard everything has become.

Megan – The love interest (oooooh). But more than that, she’s a snarky character who is mainly annoyed with everyone. She’s part of the Reckoners as well and often runs point. She’s the first to meet David and that doesn’t go all that well for him.

Steelheart – He’s an egomaniac who just wants to rule. He makes it livable for the people of Newcago not because he cares about them that much, but because he wants people to lord power over.

Conflux – One of Steelheart’s right hand epics. He is the one who powers the whole city and keeps it livable for the people. But he also is the one who powers all of enforcement as well for Steelheart.

Nightwielder – Also a right hand epic of Steelhearts, he keeps Newcago bathed in darkness. He goes out and a bout and if often more involved with what is going on in the city than Steelheart is. He’s Steelhearts arm that helps deal out his justice.

So who gets cast?

Image Source: GQ

David – Tye Sheridan

You’ll know Tye from Ready Player One. While that wasn’t a great movie, fun, but not great, the less great looking, more everyman sort of feel is what makes David good. He’s someone who is self conscious of being smart and not all that confident in himself, and I think that Tye Sheridan could pull that off.

Prof – Bruce Greenwood

Greenwood doesn’t have the size that I might have wanted for Prof, but he has a presence when he’s on screen. Generally he seems like someone who has a quiet confidence, and I think that matches well for Prof. And he isn’t someone who looks like he’d be a slouch in combat either.

Tia – Gina Torres

She was a calming influence on the Serenity in Firefly, so I think she could do the same for the Reckoners. It’s a pretty subdued but important role to properly create the team cohesion.

Abraham – Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

He’s immediately who I thought for the role, though I didn’t remember the actors name, because he played Heavy Duty in GI Joe: Rise of Cobra. Basically a pretty relaxed and confident character who has a big gun, and that’s what Abraham is as well. I thought about Terry Crews as well, but Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaja fits the role a little bit better and Crews is just too happy feeling to me.

Cody – Simon Pegg

Cody is the comedic relief. But he’s more than that, he’s smarter than he seems, and I think it would be a little bit more action focused but similar character to what Pegg plays in the Mission Impossible movies.

Megan – Chloe Grace Moretz

She has the acting chops for what is a fairly difficult role. Her previous performance as Hit Girl in Kick Ass is something that she can pull upon for Megan as Megan has a bit of that abrasive side to her as well.

Steelheart – Josh Brolin

Now, this is a bit on the nose with his performance in Avengers: Infinity War, but Brolin would do the villain well for this film. Someone who has a ton of ego and no fear.

Conflux – Erick Avari

It’s a small role, but Avari would do well in the role that might not be the most challenging, but has some good twists around his character.

Nightwielder – Sean Baek

From Killjoys, he’s a good actor who has played the right hand to a villain before. He fits the description in the book and with the role in Killjoys, it would be a pretty easy step over.


Who would you want to see cast?

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