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Board Game Design Diary – The Guilds

Board Game Design Diary – The Guilds

Yesterday I talked about the bosses but that is only one part of a level. The other part of the level is basically a longer story and preparation phase for that boss battle. But before I can talk about that, I think we need to 

Board Game Design Diary – The Premise

Board Game Design Diary – The Premise

So, I’m starting a new series, I’m going to be talking about and kind of designing a prototype game based off of SAO, Sword Art Online. SAO is one of my favorite anime, I think that I’ve watched the first season now three times and 

Back or Brick: Tomorrow Dies Today

Back or Brick: Tomorrow Dies Today

You might be the worlds foremost super spy, but you cannot stand against my evil plans. – Some Evil Mastermind Somewhere Sometime


  • Theme


  • Number of game modes
  • Shipping not listed
  • Artwork consistency
  • Metal Minis
  • First Time Creator

The Page

This page to me is a bit of a mess, first, it talks about shipping as a risk, mainly because they have no idea what it would cost to ship. I get that shipping is a variable thing, especially since rates do change around the end of the year, but at least provide some estimate of some sort.

Next is just the video and reviewer section. These are mainly YouTube videos, they can embed them in the page. This wouldn’t be a massive issue, but it makes me wonder how up to date they are on modern stuff in general. And this just also speaks to my concern about how high shipping and actual costs might be when all is said and done.

But, to their credit, they do lay out information on how the game works on the mode of the games quite well. With that said, another tech knock against them is that every single bit of text is on an image, and this is bad for a lot of reasons. First, images scale in size, I’m looking at this on my computer, and it works there, because I have a high enough resolution, but on a phone it would be unreadable. Also if someone is visually impaired and uses a screen reader, this game might not be for them anyways, but they have no way of knowing because the screen reader can’t grab any of that information.

The Game

Now, there are things that I want to like about the game. I think that the theme, while not completely unique, it isn’t one that you see commonly. I think something that can capture the feel of that Bond Villain who monologues and wastes time, but it’s part of the gimmick, to get that into a game, that sounds like it’s fun. I could see a game about building up your most absurd plan working really well.

But unfortunately, that’s basically where the good ends. This game has, and they proudly talk about it, three different modes, a Solo/Cooperative mode, a team vs team mode, and a semi-cooperative (though they call it Competitive/Coop Hybrid) mode. I look at that and I think that at most one of those is good and maybe one is okay, but the odds of all of them being good are slim, especially from a new company and a new designer. Add into that busy looking tiles and player boards, that you can only kind of see, while I can kind of tell how the game works and they do have a prototype (Word Doc) rule book, there’s just too much going on.

Back or Brick

You can tell where I’m going to land on this one, this is a complete brick for me. Which, honestly is a shame, like I said, I really like the idea of a game where I get to be the villain creating my most absurd plan and I’m stabbing other villains in the back in hopes to be the one to come out on top. But this Kickstarter is just a mess. To me, this is a prime candidate for something that should be shopped around to an actual board game company and gotten into the hands of a designer to cut out the bloat and all the modes and to streamline the game and it could be a great game. But as of right now, there are too many glaring issues with the campaign and the game for me to even consider it.

How about you, is this game a back or a brick for you? Does the theme interest you?

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