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MCU Phase 4 – Speculation

MCU Phase 4 – Speculation

Alright, we’re wrapping up Marvel Avengers: Endgame week where I’ve seen Avengers: Endgame, for the second time last night. Quick side not before we get into what we know, what we don’t know, and what I hope, Avengers: Endgame, just as good on a second […]

MCU Movie Rankings

MCU Movie Rankings

First off, this is not what movies are critically the best. I think even that is subjective on some level, but there are some movies that are clearly critically better or more groundbreaking for the genre. This is how much I like the movies. Also, […]

Revisit, Rewatch, Review – Avengers: Endgame (Spoiler Edition)

Revisit, Rewatch, Review – Avengers: Endgame (Spoiler Edition)

Yes, we now have a spoiler review up.

I’m now going to write some text so that we don’t get a spoiler in the blurb.

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Nailed it.

So Avengers: Endgame, let’s do a bit of a recap of what happens in this movie. After Infinity War, half of all living creatures in the universe are gone. In space with have Tony Stark and Nebula who aren’t going to make it back to Earth and are floating around in the Benatar. They are conveniently rescued by Captain Marvel who had been sent after them by the Avengers who were still on Earth. Well after Tony. They get back to Earth, find the planet that Thanos is on, and go find him, only to find that he’s destroyed the Infinity Stones with the Infinity Stones. Thor then destroys Thanos.

They go back to Earth and a lot of time passes, five years later. During that time Steve Rogers (Captain America), has started a support group for people and Black Widow is running things from the Avengers base trying to keep the world in some place of stability and find Hawkeye who has gone rogue, because his family died. Scott Lang (Ant-Man) get’s out of the quantum realm and comes up with a vague idea for time travel. Cap, Scott, and Black Widow go to Tony to get his help, but he turns them down, but they don’t realize he’s been working on time travel himself. Instead they get Professor Hulk to help them, and they get some time travel working, but Tony figures it out even more so, and he returns to the Avengers base, so they go back in time to get the time stones. A lot of problems happen in this time, the biggest two being Black Widow sacrifices herself for the Soul Stone, and Nebula is captured by Thanos and the old Nebula goes back with them.

Image Source: Marvel

They are able to get the Infinity Stones to work and bring back everyone, but at the same time Nebula brings through Thanos who ship from the past, and a large battle takes place. Thanos isn’t too worried, forgetting that if everyone is back, that means Doctor Strange can bring everyone from Wakanda and around the Universe in. A large battle ensues and Thanos gets the stones back and is about ready to wipe out the universe. But Stark steals the stones, and snap, and Thanos army is gone and Thanos is gone, just like he did to half the creatures, however, that is too much for Tony’s body and he dies as well.

Alright, that’s a very detailed recap, but it hits on a number of things, and some of them that I want to talk about.

First, I love the fact that they gave Nebula a big role to play. Karen Gillan is awesome from Doctor Who, Jumanji, and this, and to see her have a bigger role is great. I also like it because in the comics Nebula is the one who undoes everything that Thanos has done. In that case it’s that she kills her old self who is trying to get the stones for Thanos.

Let’s also get out of the way the one thing that I didn’t like about the film. That was Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is unfortunately over powered for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She blows up Thanos ship without a scratch. She takes on Thanos while he has all Infinity Stones no problem. She literally has to be sent out to space to get her out of the movie because otherwise she’d be able to do everything too simply. I was hoping that they’d be able to improve upon her from the Captain Marvel movie, but instead they just sent her away instead of trying to undo the DC Movie influence that had been placed upon her character. It sucks because she could have been a cool character, and you can have her still be really powerful, but when she flies through and blows up a ship, have her come out of it looking rough. Have Thanos be able to do some damage to her, he was able to do damage to Hulk, but her able to hold her own. Those are simple ways to keep her power in balance than making her impervious to anything.

But let’s get back to plot stuff that I found interesting.

I’ll also say, I’m going to do an article tomorrow on the original Avengers and how I think they handled their characters from MCU phases one through three, and did we get a good ending for the ones who had their stories wrap up.

Then on Thursday I’m going to go through my Marvel movie rankings and explain why I like the ones I do as much as I do, and why I don’t like the some of them all that well.

Finally, on Friday, it’ll be speculation as to where we go from here.

Anyways, back to the plot. I thought that time travel while unsurprising was an interesting way to go. I also think that that they had the Ancient One explain it differently than Professor Hulk did. When her time stone was taken, that created a diverging timeline that she was going to go on. Hulk says that you can’t change the future, but aren’t a diverging timeline and changing the future basically the same thing? It’s time travel, I shouldn’t think about it so hard, that’s the issue with time travel. It is important to talk about though, because we have multiple diverging points from their actions in the past. Yes, they returned all the Infinity Stones, but Captain America stays in the past with Peggy. That should cause a branching timeline. Loki escapes after the battle in New York after the first Avengers, that is going to create a branching timeline. Really, this opens up the door for Captain America, even though he’s old at the end of the movie to make a cameo as needed and the same with Tony Stark. It also means that Loki can get his Disney+ streaming show.

Image Source: Marvel

Let’s also talk about Thanos. Thanos is such a good villain. We got to see them double down on it in this movie by having him try to take a more extreme approach since the first time it didn’t stick. However, with that you see his patience in planning. Thanos just works so well, because you believe that he knows what he is doing is wrong, but he believes it’s the only way. It’s interesting to have a bad guy who is knows they are the bad guy, but thinks what they are doing is right in the long run. My favorite moment for him was after his bombed the Avengers headquarters, him just sitting there and waiting for Nebula to get him the Infinity Stones. He could have rushed in there and smashed everything and taken down people at their weakest while they were disoriented, but that isn’t who Thanos is. He’s calculating, he believes in what he is doing, and he is patient, because as he puts it, “I’m inevitable.”

I also want to give myself a little bit of a pat on the back. In Infinity War, Doctor Strange makes a deal for Tony Stark’s life. That is because Thanos would have killed everyone on Titan who was fighting him, out of spite, had Doctor Strange not done that. Without Tony being around, they wouldn’t have been able to nail down time travel like they did. Them talking about whether or not it was the one early on in the large battle was great as well. Doctor Strange saying that he couldn’t tell Tony because if he knew it would change what he did is great, also tips off that it is the one, but not completely. I feel like Strange would have said that either way, so that Tony still would have had hope. But the moment where Strange raises one finger to Tony and Tony goes for it later in the battle, just letting Tony Stark know at the right time is great. Got chills thinking about it.

I was so surprised that it was Tony who died. Robert Downey Jr. seemed to be having fun with the character, so that I thought that there was a solid chance they’d keep him around for cameos later on. But with how they had Tony Stark die, and Pepper Pott’s line that he could finally rest, that was just beautiful. We got to have the Peter Parker moment with Tony, but then Pott’s really giving Tony the sendoff that he deserved. He’s been trying so hard to save everyone, and he finally did it. I had thought it would be Captain America, another character who had been given somewhat of an arc, but didn’t seem to have much more for him to do. Also, Cap is just such a candidate for a heroic death from how they created his personality. I think his actual end, spending away his days with Peggy was fitting. Oh, and if you are wondering, when we see old Cap, he’s probably 110 or so, and looking like he’s 80, so yes, he ages slower which makes sense for his super soldierness.

Image Source: Comic Book Resources

Let’s now talk a little bit about fat Thor. This was somewhat controversial to have Thor fat on several online sources claiming it was fatphobia/fat shaming. I don’t have an issue with it for several reasons that I’ll lay out here. First, and most importantly, Thor isn’t weaker because he’s fat. Thor is able to fight just as well as when he was strong when he is fat. Endgame is telling you, even if you are larger, you are still a strong person who can do important things. Next, Thor has gone through so much. Yes, Chris Hemsworth can pull off that comedy of being The Big Lebowski, but consider everything Thor has gone through. He lost so many Asgardians in Thor Ragnorak. It wasn’t just the snap, there were thousands who died in Ragnorak. There were many more who died in Thanos attack on the ship to get the Infinity Stone, then there is the snap that takes out even more, and more people who he knows. Thor has lost more than anyone else, and he’s the God of Thunder and believes he should have been able to stop Thanos. My only issue with it is that I had a very obnoxious movie goer behind me whom every time Thor was going to show up on the screen, wondered out loud if Thor was still going to be fat and then laughed when he was, thinking that the fatness was a joke. So it isn’t how Marvel handled it that was an issue, it was an issue, however, for that fan themselves. Marvel handled it tastefully, and how a person handles it, we can’t control that.

There are a lot more things to talk about, but I am going to leave them some for the future articles. This movie was such a home run for me, and clearly I have even more to say on it. Feel free to post spoilers in comments, questions, issues, what you loved, this is the spoiler post.

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2018 Top 5: Movies

2018 Top 5: Movies

I wasn’t sure that I was going to have anything new on this list, but let’s be fair, I don’t remember last years list, so there most likely will be something new, and then I realize that there is definitely one new one. 1 Kiss […]

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Eating Nerdy – Sherlock Holmes

Eating Nerdy – Sherlock Holmes

First off, thank you to everyone who game me suggestions! That was great to get a lot of interesting ideas.

Sushi Go at Sushi. Or spicy hot foods with Flashpoint: Fire Rescue.” – Alex L

Catan. Wood-fired lamb in a brick oven with Stone brewing co beer. And, uh golden beets.” – Richard KL

better yet skip the meal and play Diplomacy and drink scotch and smoke cigars” – Tom Cantwell

But this one, thanks to Tom Cantwell (@BeskarTom), was the one that really stuck out to me:

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective with bangers and mash or some other classic British dish is the first thing I think of”

I’m not just going to stick with the board games, but also if you are watching the Benedict Cumberbatch show, the Robert Downey Jr. movies, or are reading the book aloud as part of a book club, or playing Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective or 221B Baker Street. If it is Sherlock Holmes themed, here’s an idea of what you can do to get into the mood and mindset for the greatest detective of all time.

I had a few different thoughts. What Tom suggests in his tweet, bangers and mash or something like a meat pie would create a classic English feel that you could build off of, but that’s not the direction that I wanted to go. I also thought of molecular gastronomy, but that seemed less accessible than the idea that I landed on, food that isn’t as it seems, food that is the mystery.

Image Credit: BBC
Image Credit: BBC


Beer and Pop/Soda

So this seems like it would be really normal. You can have beer or pop any night and it doesn’t seem to be Sherlock Holmes themed, but I do have a reason for both of these. For the beer, get a sampler pack and then remove the labels from every single beer. Most beer comes in a darker colored bottle now, so it stays fresher longer,so you’ll have no idea what beer you are picking out of the case. Or will you? Can you through process of elimination, studying the bottle, and anything short of opening the bottle and sniffing, figure out which beer you are getting so you’ll get the one that you want? Same thing for the pop. Get two liter bottles of Coke, Diet Coke, Root Beer, and Dr. Pepper, take off the label, take off the caps and the little ring that goes with the cap, can you determine which soda is which without tasting or smelling it?

Image Source: ToysRUs
Image Source: ToysRUs



Why wontons, they don’t seem too English? They really aren’t, but what sort of fillings will you conceal within your wonton wrappers? Some ideas might be – cream cheese, cream cheese and cranberries, cream cheese and chocolate chips, cream cheese and onion/balsamic jam, pork, and you can really go crazy with this. Make it so that you have a number of different varieties and fry them up so that you as the host, you don’t even know what is what. And again, use your sleuthing skills to try and figure out which one is which. Here’s a real mean trick to play, you can get capsaicin in a bottle, it doesn’t have a ton of color, and could be an interesting surprise for someone. Now, if you control how much you put in there (and test it out yourself mixed in with cream cheese), and people like spice, it would be a fun thing to use.

Main Course:

Mashed Cauliflower

Chicken Fried Steak


This is less about tricking people. It’s more about creating stuff that will look differently than you’d expect. Mashed Cauliflower can make a nice change of pace from mashed potatoes that people would expect. Chicken Fried Steak would take a food preparation that people are expecting for one sort of protein, but preparing it in another way, and if you break it up well enough, people still might be surprised when it’s beef and not chicken. Finally, you’d want to make a nice dark colored gravy. We’re not talking about a creamy gravy. Go with something that is dark and work on building it up so that it kind of matches a darker BBQ sauce color. Things won’t be exactly what people are expecting, but it’ll be a good meal still.

Image Source: Optionated
Image Source: Optionated



When I say brownies, I really mean brownies, with a little bit of a twist. When you go to make your brownies, add in a bit of habanero (with seeds) in a couple of the brownies. You probably know what size you normally cut brownies, so make it so it’s stuck in the middle of a brownie and then turn it into a game. People grab a brownie and let’s see who gets the pepper. And if you do get the pepper, maybe see if you can hide it form everyone so they don’t know you’ve gotten it. That way the rest of the brownies, people will be taking a bit of them in dread. Note that keeping the seeds in there is important, I’ve had one with habanero (pretty sure it was that an not jalapeno) and it didn’t have the seeds and it didn’t really taste hot.

What would your idea for theming a Sherlock Holmes meal be? Would you go with something more traditional? If so, what sort of English meal would you create?

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