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AcadeCon Round-up: Nefertiti Overdrive

AcadeCon Round-up: Nefertiti Overdrive

Kristen is going to be writing a post on the Cold Steel Wardens and Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG, and I get to cover Nefertiti Overdrive. Nefertiti Overdrive is a story driven game where the more  you describe, the better chance you have. The game […]

AcadeCon Round-Up: Dungeons and Dinosaurs

AcadeCon Round-Up: Dungeons and Dinosaurs

Huzzah, it’s another post! So continuing on the theme of AcadeCon, we wanted to talk about some specific things, the different games that we played, and what they are like. The first game that Kristen and I play, you might have heard of the system, […]

AcadeCon Roundup: Peder’s Take

AcadeCon Roundup: Peder’s Take

Alright, we are back after a week (or so) of being away. This is because we were at AcadeCon, which if you follow me on twitter, you definitely could have seen, also, I talked about it in the last video that I did.

Quick recap: What is AcadeCon?

AcadeCon is a 3 day convention in Dayton, Ohio where people get together and play RPG’s, board games, and generally just hang out.

Let me start out by saying that I had a blast at AcadeCon, every game that I played in, I had a ton of fun with, from the Dungeons & Dinosaurs where I played a dinosaur of a variety that I cannot pronounce, to fighting off assassins in ancient Egypt, to stop the release of an extended and recut addition where someone shot first who wasn’t supposed to have shot first. The only downside to it was that I wasn’t able to finish out the week strong as the lead-up to AcadeCon was busy and I didn’t get enough sleep and ended up being exhausted and feeling like crap the last day, so I didn’t get to play in a game by Shane (@Mundangerous) where I would have been playing some more normal D&D, and playing in another Star Wars game run by Chris from the Redemption Podcast.

Image Source: Fantasy Flight Games
Image Source: Fantasy Flight Games

Next, let me also say that I’m and extrovert, so I recharge and get energized being around people, which is great most of the time. I do need to do a better job of balancing that out, but more on that later (as in another post that I’ll put out in the next couple of weeks). So when I’m super excited about it, understand that it was a super high for me. If you want to know more about how an introvert dealt with AcadeCon, check out Kristen’s post (double posts today)!

This post is really going to be a highlight post, so let’s talk about some of them:

  1. I got Metal Dice! Easy Roller Dice! They are really cool and copper/brass colored. They are also really heavy and fairly expensive, but did I say that they are really cool. I’m super happy with that purchase. That was about the first thing that we did while waiting for our first game to start. We also bought a die tray to help make it less noisy when we record and Kristen bought a dragon (not living) and some dice as well.
  2. I ran a super awesome game. It was supposed to be a horror/suspense sort of game, but I found out quickly, that does not work. Without being able to control factors, like light, and people playing games around you, it’s kind of hard to set the mood. So I just went along with it (and along with having five people even though the last time I had checked there were only 2 signed up), and it ended up being a great name. The adventuring party called themselves the Shadow Hawks (or their defacto leader did), and it ended up being referred to as the Chartreuse Parrots or the Black Crows or so many other combinations.It was great, the players were really funny, and I killed off a character which was fun, right as the game wrapped up, so they weren’t sitting around. First time that I’ve managed to kill of a character.
  3. The Nefertiti Overdrive game was something totally new. This is the game that was set in ancient Egypt. And instead of asking the GM (game master) “Can I do something” you describe what you are going to do, that determines how many dice you get to use, and then you roll to see what happens. It really helped some up with a ton of stuff on the fly and stretched my improv skills. It ended up being very epic, and the tension was high even though the combat speed was a little slow. But the mechanics are unique and they would be pretty easy to recreate again and could work really well in any setting.
  4. I really want to run a Star Wars game now. We got to play in a Fantasy Flights Star Wars system, Force and Destiny to be exact. We were a team that had found out about someone name Lucas who was going to re-release some films, remastered and redone and we needed to stop that and keep the originals around. I played a Bothan who was really into stabbing people. For those of you who don’t know what Bothans are, in Star Wars the biggest thing that I know about them is that many Bothans died when getting them the information about the second Death Star. I’m going to write more in detail about this system and have plans for more podcasting around the Edge of the Empire system, so look for that.
  5. Finally, all the people. They were really nice. Meeting so many people who I talk with on twitter is great and being able to put a face to names was a blast, many thanks to everyone there who made it so much fun. We are already planning on coming back next year.
  6. Image Credit: The RPG Academy
    Image Credit: The RPG Academy

That’s all I got room to write about today, but checkout some more and new articles that we will be putting up on the system and checkout The RPG Academy (@TheRPGAcademy & @TheCalebG). They do a ton of awesome podcasts, and are worth supporting with some listens and reviews, and maybe you can join us for a game in 2017 at AcadeCon!

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