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Back or Brick: Epic Seven Arise

Based off of an app game, Epic Seven Arise is a dungeon crawl, fantasy, adventure where you play as the heir of the covenant trying to stop the cycles of destruction.


  • Epic fantasy game
  • Theme
  • Artwork
  • Campaign
  • Solo


  • Artwork
  • Price
  • First time company

The Page

For a first time company, they really nail the look of the page, and for a game with minis, they don’t dwell too much on the minis. Now, over on their Facebook page they’ve been showing off the minis for weeks but that’s a solid spot to do it. I really like that the Kickstarter page is much more about the aesthetic of the game than the minis in the game.

Now, I will knock them a little bit, they don’t do a great job with the rules. I get some of an idea of what the game is about overall and kind of that it’s going to be a skirmish or dungeon crawl type game, but I don’t know the mechanics for that. Now they do have two How to Play videos which I’ll be checking out coming up here, plus more previews, but I’d love to instead see more on the page itself of how to play instead of the videos.

The Game

Now, I don’t have a ton to say on this, normally I like to focus on game play aspects in this section and I just said that I don’t know or get a ton of that from the page. I like the idea of a skirmish style game with a campaign to it, I like the aesthetic of the world and that is what got me to look at the game.

The one bit that I get from their game play highlight section that seems interesting to me is the dual attacks. If you’ve been reading my design diaries at all for the game idea that I’m working on, you’ll know that I want to kind of do some sort of dual or combo attacking, but in a different way, so this is an interesting mechanic in the game that I’m going to be curious to see how big a part of it, it is.

Back or Brick

So this one is interesting for me, right now I am in on the game, and I’m guessing I’ll stay in on it, so it’s a back. But I do want to checkout at least the five minute how to play video on the page to verify the mechanics. I was almost in on Bardsung until I watched some game play and saw that it wasn’t likely for me. This one, though, has a theme that is so much more interesting to me, but I could see dropping my pledge completely or to $1 if the game play looks only like a basic dice chucker. From what they do highlight, I’m hoping that’s not the case.

How about for you, is this game a back or a brick?

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