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Malts and Meeples: Floor Plan

Last night on Malts and Meeples, I took on building the perfect house for my clients in the game Floor Plan. This is a roll and write game from Deep Water Games. In it you are building a house or at least the floor plan and landscaping for it. Let’s see how it went.

The Game

Floor Plan, like I said, is a roll and write game. This one is actually a roll and write versus a flip and write, which are part of the roll and write family. So you can get a lot of interesting combos of dice. The dice are used to do one of a few different things. You can use the dice combo to create rooms. So if you roll and 2 and a 6, you can create either a 6×2 living room or washroom. The 2 is for the washroom and the 6 is for the living room. Or in the rooms and as landscaping, you can place things like doors, trees, furniture, windows decking and more.

Placing all of these things is how you complete your ideal building objectives. So, someone might want a pool in their place. So you get a set number of points of you create a pool with a deck around it of the right size outside of the house. And there are five of those objectives that you can score multiple times. You also score points at the end of the game for a certain criteria, such as doors with a stone outside of them or doors with decking outside of them. And the scoring changes each game.

At the end, the player with the most points wins. Or in my case, since I play solo on Malts and Meeples, I was going for a high score. Overall a fun game, it is a bit silly you don’t need doors in your room, but everyone wants some house projects, right?

The Beer

So, of course on Malts and Meeples we are going to drink a beer as well. Last nights beer was a tart ale from Surly Brewing Company based out of Minneapolis, MN. Grapefruit Supreme is definitely what it sounds like. A beer with a lot of grapefruit flavor that has been added. Now added fruit flavor in a beer is generally not my favorite, but I do like it in Surly’s tart ale collection. Mainly because a lot of tart beers can end up being too tart so this balances it out. On the flip side, a lot of beers with fruit can be too fruity, so this also balances out because of the tartness.

Upcoming Videos

Thanks to everyone who is checking out the videos. I hope that you are enjoying them. I am thinking about adding in another stream that is maybe done once or twice a month on the weekend. The idea would be to create more of a chat type of scenario versus game play. I love doing the game play and getting in 3 games for my trek to 365 plays this year is nice. But I don’t always engage with the chat as much.

So I was thinking, maybe a series of videos talking about some Kickstarters, or maybe some board game news and then dropping into a topic, talking about a game or a genre of games and just chatting about that. Of course, if people join live I’ll be interacting with the chat, answering questions and seeing responses. I will probably try this out soon, but let me know if this is something that sounds interesting.

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