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10 Minute Marvel S2E38: What If Zola and Venom 2 Post Credits

No new shows to talk about this week, well, no new episodes. We have Kathryn Hahn to talk about and a spinoff show. Then there is the casting of Will Poulter, whose name I butchered, in Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Plus what the Venom 2 post credit scene might mean.

Then I spend some time talking about season 2 of What if .Where that show could go, what episodes might be coming and more. There is room to speculate with the rumors for the second season. And it might actually help that first season make more sense if they decide to do the missing episode.

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Let me know your thoughts on the news. Are you interested in a spin-off show from WandaVision? Is Will Poulter a good fit for the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 role? How might you want to see Venom get folded into the main MCU timeline and did you see Venom 2?

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