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10 Minute Marvel: Moon Knight Trailer and Doctor Strange

It’s time to talk about Moon Knight. The first trailer came out last Monday, of course after the podcast was recorded. So the trailer, what stood out in it? Plus we’re starting to get a lot of Doctor Strange rumors floating out there. Some including the addition of Mutants to the MCU starting in that film. How would that work? And in the news Emilia Clarke on the set of Secret Invasion. And CMON’s Kickstarter for Marvel Zombies, what is new with it?

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Comments and Questions?

Let me know what you thought of the Moon Knight Trailer? Did it work for you, or were there any surprises in it? And do you think that Marvel is going to go darker with this show?

Also, let me know your thoughts on the rumors for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Do you want to see the X-Men show up, and what cameo would you be most excited for?

Let me know all of that down in the comment section below, or over on Twitter. You can Tweet your thoughts to me @TheScando or by using #10MinMarvel. And as we wait for Moon Knight and Doctor Strange to come out, what topics would you like for me to cover?

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