Rogue Angels
Back or Brick Table Top

Back or Brick: Rogue Angels

Adventure in space as you and your teammates, fight, run, and explore the universe of Rogue Angels. This is a cooperative, replayable, legacy campaign game from SunTzuGames.

Just an initial disclaimer, I was asked to do a preview for this game which is already up on the site, so you can see some thoughts there.


  • Story Driven Game Play
  • Replayable Legacy
  • Price Point
  • No Minis


  • No Minis

The Page

The page is well done, it lays out clearly what the game is, and it hits game play right at the top. Now, it helps that the game doesn’t have minis, so that’s normally what is shown off. But I like that I can look at the game and immediately tell what it does.

I also like that it is limited on the number of pledge levels. Getting the higher pledge level just makes a few things easier to get to, basically physical versions of some story elements versus a digital version. That makes the decision process easier for a lot of people to decide and doesn’t make it feel like I’m missing out on game content if I don’t want to the physical version of those pieces.

The Game

Game play, I could spend a lot of time talking about it. This is a game that I had the chance to demo, and you see my thoughts on it here. But I will highlight a few things.

Firstly, how you take your actions is great. You play down cards to do actions and those cards have a cost associated with them. The cost determines where they go on a track which is basically a cooldown. So a really strong ability, maybe hitting someone with an attack, that might have a cooldown of three. You don’t get that power back for a while. But a basic ability is going to be weaker but you can cycle that immediately back into your hand.

I also like that the objectives aren’t always combat based. There is a lot of story that goes along with this game. And that story unfolds as you play through the scenarios. So, for example, in the first scenario, we could have taken out all the enemies and had more time doing it that way. But that also could have meant more damage to us and more of a chance of failure. Instead, we ran in, did what we needed to do and got out.

Back or Brick

No shock, this is a Back for me. It’s fun to have been able to try the game, and I feel like this game is different. I really like the story that I saw in the game. I like the mechanics with the cards. And really, like how many different mechanics that there are.

I also enjoy the fact that there are no minis. The bad guys are standees with things to count down on them to track their stats. It makes the gamer easier to play because you can see what is going on. It’s something a lot of games could benefit from, sometimes minis are just too tricky be clear. Though, other times they make the game look more awesome.

This Kickstarter is getting overshadowed by the end of two big campaigns, Final Girl and Marvel Zombies (both of which I backed), but it is worth reading through the page, which you can find here.

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