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Is Marvel Zombies Worth It?

So, I’ve talked about Marvel Zombies a lot and the campaign is ending in the next couple of days. It’s coming down to that moment where you need to decide if it is worth it or not for you and what level it is worth it at. Because, the reasons why it might be worth it or might not, might be different for different people.

The Pledge Levels

Marvel Zombies has three pledge levels. I expect to see a fourth show up probably tomorrow. An all in sort of level, maybe even two or three more show up. They’d likely be, all in game play, all in everything, and maybe an all in game play without Galactus. And I’d kind of be cool with that.

But as it stands, right now there are three pledge levels. You have the Undead Pledge at $130, the Resistance Pledge at $240 and the Galactus Pledge at $410. So none of the levels are all that cheap, plus there are a number of additional add-ons including Sentinels, Fantastic Four, Alternate Sculpts, and plastic tokens.

What Comes With Each Pledge

At the Undead Pledge level, you get the basic Marvel Zombies game where you can play as the zombies. You also get all applicable stretch goals, and good news, all of them are applicable to that level right now. Generally, CMON will add in a couple of stretch goals for specific levels in order to get people to increase their pledges late in the campaign. They haven’t done that yet.

At the Resistance Pledge level, you get basically another base box. This allows you to play more of a normal Zombicide experience as the heroes. It also is the box that focuses more on the X-Men. So adds in some value, but the X-Men Resistance box is supposed to be coming to retail. What that means is that you can get everything there, possibly cheaper, if you want, at least cheaper shipping wise.

Finally at the Galactus Pledge you get a 25″ or so tall Galactus, a big guy anyways. And that’s the big addition to that pledge level. It’s also the only way that you can get Silver Surfer. Galactus is a playable piece, though, basically an entity that is going to eat up the board and spaces as he goes along.

The Marvel Zombies Add-Ons

So, like i said there are a number of add-ons as well that we should talk about. Because a lot of favorite characters or interesting characters are available in the add-ons, which of course is going to increase your price.

Extra Dice – $10

This just makes it easier on you as a player or group of players. If you think you are going to play it solo, I don’t think that you need extra dice. But if you’re planning on play with four or six players, you may want more dice. I don’t believe that one set of dice per person is needed, but one for each side of the table, that’d be good.

Plastic Tokens – $30

This just comes down to taste and how much you think you’ll be playing it. Extra tokens and plastic tokens are nice. It means that you don’t have to worry about the tokens wearing out. And some tokens that are more common, having more of them, for each end of the table isn’t bad. But for me, this is a luxury add-on that I don’t care that much about.

Artist’s Special Editions – $25

Now we have some special sculpts for some of the characters. These are just different sculpts that you can play with for different heroes. Like an Old Man Logan sculpt. Those things are cool, but they don’t add new characters, it’s just different sculpts of existing characters. For me, if I was a painter and I wanted some really cool things to paint, I’d consider it, but I’m not so it’s a pass for me.

Sentinel Strike – $40

Now we get into game play ones. If you want to get the Sentinels from the X-Men comics, this is where you can do that. But more so, if you want to play as Charles Xavier in human or zombie form, this is where you need to get him.

Guardians of the Galaxy Set – $40

Then the Guardians of the Galaxy, and if you were to get any of the add-ons, I think this is best bang for your buck. It comes with a lot of fan favorite characters with the Guardians. It comes with Skrulls, those will matter more in the future of the MCU. And it’s heavier on the heroes than some of the other ones. Plus it’s at the $40 price point.

Hydra Resurrection – $50

Now, if you want to get a whole lot more, Hydra Resurrection is good as well. It comes Hydra troops that you can spawn. Now, this one does have more than the Guardians of the Galaxy set, but less kind of favorite heroes, I think, in some ways. And some of the minis you’re going to get are going to be those Hydra troops.

Fantastic 4: Under Siege – $50

Finally, the Fantastic Four, and I’m not sure if we’ll get any more add-ons. This seems like about the right amount, but if there is, it’ll be at 1 PM today. But this is going to add in even more heroes to play around with, the Fantastic Four, and some interesting bystanders with Agatha Harkness, more comic accurate. Again, like Skrulls, Fantastic Four are going to be more important coming up here in the MCU.

Marvel Zombies Galactus
Image Source: CMON

Where is the Value?

So, if you add up everything, $410 + another $245 in add-ons. And if there is another add-on it’ll be happening today. But before shipping you’re looking at $655 and shipping in two waves is going to be $100 in the US, more elsewhere.

Marvel Zombies is an extremely steep Kickstarter, but, there are some options to make it cheaper on yourself. Firstly, just getting the Undead Pledge is going to be a whole lot cheaper. $140 and the expansions isn’t that bad. Assuming X-Men Resurgence comes to retail, which they say it will, then the value is better. That shipping is much cheaper. Plus, you can add-on the different expansions and get stuff that way. It’d still be about a $450 all in pledge.

What’s My Marvel Zombies Pledge

Let’s face it, for a lot of us, we want the game because it is Marvel. And that’s why I’m willing to shell out some money for it. But the question is, how much?

For myself, I am not going to be getting the plastic pieces, extra dice, or alternate sculpts. That saves about $65 overall on the price. I expect I’m going to want to play it a bunch, but not enough that I’m going to be too concerned about the tokens wearing out. I have other games by CMON and it hasn’t been an issue.

Plus, right now I am not in for the giant Galactus. I might end up backing that later, but I am not sure on it. The whole price is still pretty high, $180 for add-ons and $240 for the two boxes, that’s $420 right now and $65 on shipping. So $500 for what I’m likely to get. Or near that and that’s going to be a lot of stuff. I think it’ll be about 200 minis, plus the game play.

Would You Back Marvel Zombies?

Now, there are plenty of reasons not to back. Not even looking at price there are a lot of reasons. You might not like Marvel, this makes little sense for you. There are other Zombicide versions out there for you. You don’t like Zombies, well, Marvel United which has been to Kickstarter already from CMON might be for you.

But everything I’ve researched on game play says that this is a very good game. And the minis, if you are a painter, are going to be amazing. So is it the right game for you to back? Let me know in the comments?

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