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Rogue Angels Game Play

So, bonus stream. I got the chance to sit down with the creator via Discord and TTS (tabletop simulator) and play Rogue Angels again. This was supposed to be while the Kickstarter was running, but it’s gotten pushed back after a slow start, and that’s okay, because it is going to come back better when it does. And honestly, the game play, it is still awesome as it is. Just better price point, hopefully, and different types of components, all of that which is still getting figured out.

This really gives you an idea of how the combat works in the game. It does have less to do with some of the other things in the game, like skill checks. I talk about the game in more details on my Crowdfunding Preview which you can find here.

But I like that this is more combat focused this time. It shows off for myself, as a player, how the game can do a lot of different things. And Emil and I talked after about playing more and looking at some scenarios in there that aren’t so combat focused to help show off the system.

Rogue Angels After A Break

I do want to talk about a bit of my experience coming back to Rogue Angels after now playing it since October. Mainly about how accessible the game is. For me that’s a question for any campaign style game. When I play it and then the holidays happen, maybe someone is sick, it goes a month or a month and a half without a session, is the game easy to play.

And I thought it was pretty easy to get back into. Now, I did have the designer which certainly helps with getting back into the swing of things. But the basic mechanics are easy to get back into. What you will see is that my memory with how taking damage works is a bit fuzzier. And even at the end as I talk about scars, I was getting it wrong.

Rogue Angels, though, feels easier to get back to the table than something like Gloomhaven would if I played a session and then just let it sit. When playing through Gloomhaven I did have a couple of longer breaks in there, and I was able to pick it up again easily, just for a reference, but that was while we mid campaign. Rogue Angels is definitely going to be easier.

Live Stream

Let me know your thoughts on this live stream. It is definitely something that I’d love to do more. Work with more designers or other content creators, play games over TTS. Or maybe even dive into a Gloomhaven video game campaign as well? Is this content that was fun to watch?

I know it came together at the last second. We were planning on going live on Discord and just sharing a screen that way. But I set-up my sharing quickly, so let me know if it worked. I’m sure that I could navigate TTS a little bit better. But is seeing content like this useful for you? Did it give you an idea of how the game, Rogue Angels, will play, even without having a physical copy to see played?

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