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Sleeping Gods Game Play Part 8

This week with Sleeping Gods, by Red Raven Games, we are doing something new, at least for a little bit of it. I was able to pick-up from GameNerdz the dungeons expansion for Sleeping Gods. This basically adds some areas to the game that you can explore, depending on the location you are at. And we just happened to be close to one of them, so I checked out that dungeon for a little bit. You can see that in the game play below. And if you need to catch up, you can do so here.

The Game – Sleeping Gods: Dungeons

So of course we are going to talk about the dungeons and how they work in this game. And really, they work mainly the same way that the ship does. With a few changes, of course, so that it feels like it should be an expansion. But it doesn’t make the game more complex than it is without them.

So you lose out on the ship action and the event that happens each day. Now, the event still counts down, comes off the pile, but you don’t do what it says. And when you’re towards the bottom of that event deck, it’s generally a good thing.

But to make up for losing out on the ship action, you get three actions. Those actions can be exploring, moving, or camping. And you don’t need to camp to end the day, but that kind of becomes your ship action type of thing. In that it can help heal up your crew or get rid of fatigue. Though, if you build up too much, you can just always leave the dungeon and wrap up the turn that you were on.

It’s an interesting new thing. There were definitely a number of tokens that were added to the game because of it, but it doesn’t feel like it really increases the complexity of anything.

The Drink

Back to some Scotch last night. This time a Highland Scotch, and a very nice one. I killed off the bottle, which is something that I didn’t talk about but it’s something that you want to do. There’s a mindset that I can have while drinking a good Scotch or Whiskey where I want to savor it, only bring it out on special occasions. But the longer you let it sit, the more the fact it’s been opened, assuming you opened it, the more the flavor will change.

New Content

So, a few things for new content. I talked about it at the start of the stream. I had the opportunity to show off game play for two games that are coming to Kickstarter. One was supposed to be on Tuesday and did launch but they pulled it back because of price point with Aldarra. And the other was playing with the designer of Rogue Angels a scenario of that game on TableTop Simulator. You can find those below.

Aldarra Game Play

Rogue Angels Game Play

And to go with that, I am still, obviously, keeping up with my Sleeping Gods Game Play as well. So look for that again on Wednesday at 8 PM Central. I’m not sure when my next other thing will come out, but I have a game coming to cover as well. But more on that when it gets here.

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