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Anticipated Crowdfunding For the 2nd Half of 2022

I’m not going to stop doing my monthly ones, assuming there are good options that I see monthly. But I do want to look ahead for the 2nd half of the year. We are in a slower time, right now for Kickstarter and Gamefound. A lot of that is unstable costs and unstable inflation going on. So companies are putting a pause on their crowdfunding, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t things that are upcoming. So let’s see what crowdfunding has caught my eye thus far.

Anticipated Crowdfunding Games

10. Quantum Shock

The one that I consider least likely to come out. The latest that they have said about it, this was in 2021 mind you, that they were going to be launching in 2022. The game is still in that get notified at launch stage. And when asked in January and June about a timeline, there is no response/information.

But Quantum Shock very much falls into that category of a game that I’d be interested in. It is cooperative, sci-fi, and horror. Three things that I really love. And the aesthetic, at least of the box artwork is interesting to me. I’m poking about to find more information on the game because I’d love to see what the whole look and play of the game is.

9. Moon

From the company that brought us Villagers and Streets, they now have a new game coming, Moon. I don’t know much about the game or about their games in general. But I know the look of the games, and Moon looks amazing in terms of the artwork and graphic design. That is what has me interested. Generally, I feel like my thoughts have been with Villagers and Streets, try before I buy, but Moon, if it looks interesting enough, might be a spot to jump into Sinister Fish Games.

Drop Bears
Image Source: Platypus Industries

8. Sea of Legends: Vengeance of the Empires

An expansion for a game that I own, Sea of Legends. This is going to be a big pirate adventure game. I love the idea of a big sprawling pirate game. And while I haven’t played this one yet, because I’ve heard the app was getting improved upon, I do really want to play my copy. That is likely going to determine if I back this game.

Sea of Legends, like I said, is a big pirate game. You pick a Captain, Lover, and Nemesis, and that drives your story in the game. It is a competitive game, but I like that the story of each character weaves together which intrigues me. I hope that when I play it, I’ll love it. I thought that Merchants and Marauders might be the big pirate game for me, but that one fell flat. And Seafall didn’t seem like pirates.

7. Drop Bears

You heard about this one last week. Drop Bears, based off of the Australian legends for tourists, are basically bears that look like koalas. But instead of being all cute, they drop out of trees and attack with big pointy teeth and claws, if you aren’t careful. I’m very curious about this one. Again, a horror them, which I like and I really like the legend. I’m hoping to get my hands on some press release content if I can to cover it before it launches.

Image Source: R2i Games

6. Globetrotting

Globetrotting is on here because of the toy factor. But from the same company that makes Canvas, Globetrotting seems to be a roll and write where you are connecting things on a 3D globe. Just that toy factor is great, so I want to see it, play it because of that. A game with good toy factor might not be a great game, but it does make me interested. And Canvas has very good toy factor as well with it’s artwork and is a good game. So I want to see what this one is.

5. Cyberpunk 2077: Gangs of Night City

Again, another one that I’ve mentioned before. CMON is doing a game set in the Cyberpunk world. I don’t know a ton more about it than that. I’d guess this game will have a lot of minis, a lot of expansions, but probably be a fun beer and pretzels type of game.

For me, I wish that it sounded like it had more story. But the theme of cyberpunk is cool. I like games like Shadowrun, or that setting, for that reason. So I’ll be curious to know what this one looks like. Area control is also a mechanism that I like quite well. However, I want more going on in a game than that, so one that I’ll be keeping an eye on.

4. Trick Shot

This one is a reprint of a game that is already out. Trick Shot is a hockey game, very hard to find right now, that comes with minis. I don’t know a ton about how it plays, but generally reviews seem pretty favorable. And the idea of a game where you play hockey seems like a good amount of fun to me.

I would love to watch a video of this being played. My main concern about the game is that it’ll be too slow. Hockey, as a sport, is a fast moving game. Baseball works okay for board games because it is a slower moving sport. But Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, and Football are all harder for me to get behind because they move fast. But we’ll see with Trick Shot, because it looks fun.

3. Stonesaga

OOMM games is putting out a lot of things that interest me. I backed Mytwind. I want Stars of Akarios eventually but it is spendy to get right now. It isn’t that I expect it to get cheaper, but it hopefully will be available for a bit. But Stonesaga is a cooperative legacy game. That right there makes it interesting to me.

Image Source OOMM

Plus it has a story that unfolds over time, also interesting to me. And it can be played solo. It seems to be about building up a society and your world over generations. But of course, as a legacy game, the world remembers what you do and changes and grows the story as you go.

2. Tainted Grail: Kings of Ruin

Top two were easy to pick. Firstly, an expansion, though I believe a standalone expansion, for Tainted Grail. I love Tainted Grail. I am playing through the third of the stories in the original crowdfunding campaign right now. And I love each story.

Kings of Ruin is something I didn’t know I wanted. And I do not need Kings of Ruin. But I absolutely want it because I love Tainted Grail. This is a story driven game in a grim dark fantasy world around Arthurian legend. It just works well for me and more story in that world isn’t a bad thing, there is just so much content.

1. Rogue Angels: Legacy of the Burning Suns

Rogue Angels is my easy #1 game coming to crowdfunding hopefully in the next few months. And I should soon have some more content coming out on it. I just need to split up some video that I did with a couple other content creators and the designer playing a scenario of the game. You can already see Rogue Angels game play on Malts and Meeples (or below).

But I adore my plays thus far of Rogue Angels. The characters are great. The story is fun, and it is a challenging game. The best way I can describe it and this is a very high compliment is that it is a game that isn’t too complex to play. But, every decision that you make has a ton of depth. You can’t just walk into a room full of bad guys and expect it to work perfectly for you. So how do you plan what is best and work together as a team?

Final Thoughts

I am sure that I missed some big Kickstarter or Gamefound campaigns coming up. I looked for what I could. And I didn’t do anything that you can still late pledge or is out on Kickstarter currently. There are some strong games coming up, and I know there will be a lot more that I don’t know about. That is what them monthly content is for. Plus then the videos that Tantrum House and BoardGameCo put out twice a month or monthly on upcoming Kickstarters.

One that I really would love to put on the list is Slay the Spire by Contention Games. I know they want to get it right before it launches. But Slay the Spire is another game that was supposed to be in 2021, like Quantum Shock, and I haven’t heard anything recently about it. Looking on Board Game Geek it appears they still plan for this year. But it’s not on the list because it was Spring of 2021 and then on and on delayed and reworks. But if they get it right that’ll be awesome.

Is there a Gamefound or Kickstarter you are looking forward to?

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