BIG and little Crowdfunding

Introducing – Big and Little Crowdfunding

So I talked about this last night on Malts and Meeples. And I talked about it with the announcement of Backerkit starting to do crowdfunding. You can read that article about Backerkit here. But for a quick recap, Backerkit is joining in with Gamefound and Kickstarter to become a crowdfunding platform for board games. For consumers it means that we need to look at three places to find out what is being crowdfunded.

So What Am I Announcing?

For Malts and Meeples, I am announcing Big and Little Crowdfunding. It is going to be a new show on the channel where I look at 5 big Kickstarters you should know about, and 5 small ones that you might have overlooked.

This is not going to take the place of anything else. That is why I am saying that it is a new show. The plan will be every other Thursday starting in two weeks. It’ll be a live show that I’m hoping to start streaming at 8 PM like I do with the Wednesday show. There is nothing ahead of time that would keep me from being able to get that out, like thee is with recording my podcast on Monday before I stream.

Why Big and Little Crowdfunding

So, besides the whole thing with three different platforms to keep track of now. I wanted to do something that is a bit of a different format. Hence the Big and Little of crowdfunding games. A lot of the channels out there that cover crowdfunding mainly cover the big ones. BoardGameCo’s weekly crowdfunding show focuses on what is big. The Dice Tower weekly show does a bit of everything, but mainly bigger ones.

I want to highlight smaller games as well as the bigger ones. The bigger ones obviously will garner the most headlines. And while it is good to talk about them and discuss why you might want to or not want to back them. I think that is equally as valid to talk smaller ones as well. They often need that additional exposure to help put them over the edge.

Final Thoughts

At this point in time, I want to give it a go. It might turn out that this isn’t the right format for me. And with 10 games to talk about, I’ll be going through them fairly quickly. As I seek to grow Malts and Meeples and, I believe that this is s a good way to do it.

Hopefully it will be something that is enjoyable. And please, join in live, let me know your thoughts. What games do you want to back, have you found hidden gems? And I’ll see you in two weeks for the stream, which you can find here. Click the notification bell to know when it goes live.

And let me know what you think about this show idea in the comments below, or over on Twitter.

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