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Spire’s End Hildegard – Game Play 4

How is the second run through of Spire’s End Hildegard going to go? Last week we didn’t make it through our first run, making it into Chapter 3, and now I am back at it to see how far I can get. Join me over on Malts and Meeples to see how the next run goes?

The Game – Spire’s End Hildegard

So, as you saw, I didn’t make it out of Chapter 3 again, and that’s not a major issue with the game. I was hoping to push through further, see a different part of the story, and well, at least make it to the final town to see what happens. So I want to talk about the difficulty level.

I think the harder difficulty level of the game makes more sense for Spire’s End, versus Spire’s End Hildegard. In Spire’s End Hildegard, yes, we’re playing a character who can go off and adventure on her own, but, she’s also supposed to be more of a kid. The story itself is still weird and twisted, but it feels less dark. So Spire’s End, I think the harder survival makes more sense, though, I also think that in Spire’s End, you have more ways to mitigate things.

And that’s where the trick comes in with Spire’s End Hildegard. I feel, now, after a few sessions that the combat is notably harder. Though you have more ways to mitigate, there is less, the enemy could just get really lucky and take you out in two turns. If Hildegard’s track is eight and the enemy, like that last one, is rolling 7 total dice between three attacks, it’s unlikely that you’ll last more than three rounds.

Now that might be my fault, you need to use block more. But using block is very costly and doesn’t slow down the enemy as much as one would hope. Assuming I used it correctly and it doesn’t block the whole attack. But I’m pretty sure that it just blocks one symbol and they can double up on it. So in that case, it makes sense to race to try and take them out.

I wish there was an easier way to do combat, or that things to finesse your dice, those targeting cubes, were handed out more often. I think you could double how often you get them, and it’d still be a hard game. And I even guessed right sometimes to make it easier on myself, but it’s still a very hard game.

Upcoming Streams

So, next week, as I talk about in the video, Monday is the end of Spire’s End. Wednesday is going to be a random solo game. All this leading into , in January, starting a Lands of Galzyr playthrough. So we might look at Lands of Galzyr, unbox it, and pick a character on Wednesday.

Let me know what smaller solo game you might like to see. I have some thoughts, it just depends on how much work it is for me. Because, I can always go back tot he table with a solo roll and write I’ve played before. Or I have some other smaller box solo games to try as well. Let me know suggestions in the comments below.

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