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Skytear Horde – Game Play

Last night I got to play a new game to my collection. One that I’ve played a couple of times before, but I’m playing it now so you know if it’s a good game for you. It’s available in retail right now, but Skytear Horde is also back on Crowdfunding with more content over on Gamefound. So let’s watch how this game plays over on Malts and Meeples YouTube channel.

Skytear Horde

This is a fun game, I won’t do a full review on it. But I will say that I’ve played it solo and two player and I think that both of them work quite well. The game actually has three modes, solo, two player, and competitive, horde versus heroes. Now, this isn’t to say that I don’t have some issues with the game.

It’s a bit to learn at the start. The game is not light on steps. They give you a cheat sheet, which is great. But there are still enough steps that I need to remember them on the cheat sheet what they do. And the first couple of times that I played, it was a bit to remember. This third time, you see there are still rules that I’m not 100% on. But it’s definitely better in terms of what you need to look up.

And I have to say this is a pretty involved game. Which is fun because it means that you have a lot of choices to make. But it is also a game that plays quickly. It was about 40 minutes that I streamed and probably 30-35 minutes were playing the game. And that was with me chatting. So that’s great in terms of game length for a solo game. I will say that the setup, not tear down, is a bit longer.

Upcoming Streams

Like I said, ISS Vanguard will be wrapping up here pretty soon. I think. I still love what the game is doing. But the next two weeks for sure will be ISS Vanguard and we’ll see where the story and adventure takes us. 8 PM Central Time on Wednesdays. Though the easiest way to know is by subscribing and clicking that notification bell to know when I put up something new. And the upcoming video can be found here.

And then on Mondays I stream at 8:30 PM normally. I missed this past week because we had to adjust for podcast recording. Next week I want to learn and start playing My City – Roll and Build. I think that’ll be a fun shorter game and shorter campaign for Monday nights.

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