Lord of the Rings - Magic the Gathering
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Lord of the Rings – Magic the Gathering

The hunt for the one ring has started, packs and boxes of the collectors content have been sent out. Will I get lucky and get the one ring as I open up 4 collectors pack live last night on stream? Spoilers, I will not. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some amazing cards and some amazing artwork to look at. The Lord of the Rings Magic the Gathering set doesn’t disappoint.

Lord of the Rings – Scam, cool or otherwise?

Let’s talk a bit about this Magic the Gathering set. I think it is quite controversial whether it makes sense or not. And I will say, I don’t want Magic to do this all the time. I don’t think that it makes sense a lot of the time to put in a chase card like the one ring. For Lord of Rings it makes sense, there is the one ring to rule them all. So I think that it is fun and cool for this set.

They did a Dungeons and Dragons one, I’d not want it there. They are doing a Doctor Who one, I don’t want a chase card there. Neither of them have a thematic tie for doing a one of one card. But that isn’t to say Magic can’t learn from some things they are doing on this set. Mainly, full art cards, I want more of those. I think they should be in regular magic sets.

Mechanically they shouldn’t be any different from their non-full art counterparts. But that would add in additional chase cards for Magic. Now, you might think that Magic doesn’t need those. And I think that might be right as well, but I think there are other fixes that Magic can do, release a little less often and make the regular versions of cards more accessible. That is my hope for the Star Wars TCG being put out by Fantasy Flight that they build off of that model.

My Packs

So are the collectors packs worth it or not? Oddly enough, and you heard me talk about it, the starter kit definitely is. There is solid value in that, might go down as time goes on, but the key cards and the price point make that a great value right now.

Collectors packs, yes and no. I doubt that I made back my $35 per pack. But I think that I got close on some of them. Obviously, the price is inflated on collectors packs and will only get worse as the one ring stays out there. But for me, it is worth it in the sense that I got to see so many cool cards that might not be in the basic packs.

I have some basic packs coming, I’m excited to see those. But the artwork, even on the basic land cards, in the collectors packs are just so amazing. So as a Lord of the Rings fan, not super fan, I think that it is worth it for the special cards, like Bilbo, that you can get.

Upcoming Streams

Tonight, 8 PM Central, the first stream of The Isofarian Guard is happening. I plan on getting through as much of the tutorial as I can. But we will see where I end up with it. This is a massive table hog of a game, so come check that out.

And then next Monday, no guarantees of what I’ll play. But that will be 8:30 PM Central time. I want to try and learn Welcome to the Moon. Another campaign roll and write, I think that could be a lot of fun. I definitely had a lot of fun with My City Roll and Build.

Eventually I will have some more Lord of the Rings packs to open, so I might do that on streaming again. The basic packs and the last collectors pack I have coming. I actually do have a Dungeons and Dragons box coming as well, which I might open on stream or just for fun, we’ll have to see.

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