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Dungeon Kart – First Impressions and Crowdfunding

It’s been a little bit since a game came to crowdfunding that I was going to back. But Dungeon Kart is a game I got to demo at Gen Con and had a blast with. And I find that my game group likes racing games. So Dungeon Kart, spoiler, is a game that I am backing, but let’s talk about the game and what makes it good.

How to Play Dungeon Kart

Dungeon Kart is meant to be a Mario Kart style racing game. You play as one of the Boss Monster bosses trying to complete the circuit of the track. It’s Mario Kart style in that you get spells and those spells can affect the race and the leader to allow other characters to catch up.

Players use a dashboard where they shift up or down to move. And using their abilities it’s about taking the best line possible, avoiding hazards, and trying to figure out how to set yourself up for your next turn. The game ends simply (ish), I’m not sure what they landed on, but generally it’s if a player crosses they line in a round and no one else does, they win. If multiple do, it’s who goes the furthest or who has the most money, or another option to be determined.

The Crowdfunding

Let’s talk a bit about the crowdfunding page as well. What’s the main reason to back Dungeon Kart now?

Checkout the Kickstarter page here.

The main reason to get it now is to get it sooner. I think that’s where most of the value resides with backing this game. It’s also a game with some nice components, stands for the shifters, acrylic monsters and car standees for racing, and that is going to add to the value, but you can get that whether or not you back it now, I believe those are going to be in retail.

But let’s also talk about price point on this one. Price point with shipping, as that’s always a pretty big factor, are reasonable on this one. The base pledge level if going to give you good content and sell you the game at MSRP, I would assume. So likely you can get it cheaper, but it would be cheaper later.

At the higher levels the value goes up with expansions. It mainly adds a few things like a racer and dashboard that you can add in. I like that it adds in more map pieces as well. We’ll get to the variability in this game next.

Variability in the Game

Let’s talk about some highlights of the game now. And I think this is one of the biggest ones for me. The game comes with a lot in the box. You get a good number of racers, dashboards, and track pieces. Each of those are going to offer additional things when it comes to game play.

The racers for Dungeon Kart are going to offer you specific powers that each character can use. The dashboards aren’t the most unique, but they will have two things that they are better at. And the dashboards work with any character, so it changes thing up. And finally the race track is modular so you can setup the race how you want.

Game Speed

The final thing I( want to talk about is the speed of this game. When you build a game that is compared to Mario Kart, thanks to the name Dungeon Kart and blowing up your opponent, you need a few things. One of them are the spells to slow down the leader that is nice. The other thing is the speed of the game.

If turns take a long time and there is a lot to think about and plan, it’s going to mess up the feel of the game. Brotherwise Games create a game, in Dungeon Kart that is fast. Turns are fast, yes, there is a moving on the board that requires a bit of planning, but you do that as you go, not something programmed out.

And the rule set is simple, so you get into the game and keep going. It is a racing game that keeps you engaged in the game not on your turn and there isn’t that much downtime between turns. So it feels like a racing game that way.

Final Thoughts on Dungeon Kart

I very much enjoyed my play of this game. I got to play it as a three player game and that didn’t take long. The track is bigger on the Kickstarter, but it’s modular so you set it how you want. And I like that you can adjust it that way.

Dungeon Kart is a fun game that I think a lot of people will like. It’s an accessible game in what you are doing. Turns don’t require much explaining, and it’s a game that you do need to plan, but you only need to plan a little. And sometimes you just need to react to the fact your car got spun out and you need to adjust your plans, but it’s always fast.

This is an easy back for me, and a game where I look at the added things and it seems to add more of the same, not add complexity to the game. So one that I definitely recommend that people checkout and I can say, with having played it, this is a very fun game.

Are you going to back Dungeon Kart?

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