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10 Minute Marvel: Loki Episode 2

We’re onto the second episode of Loki. And let’s just say, we loved it. The thought process that it was different pacing and not as good, definitely don’t agree with that. There is a lot to break down in the episode. Including the great performance of X-5, what O.B. finds out near the temporal loom, and Dox’s plan.

And we have news. Most of the news is around changes coming to how Marvel does Television. It’d have affected Loki were it not done. But now some shows, Daredevil and Wonder Man might possibly be seeing changes and delays related to this change in philosophy. I think that the changes are generally good that we’ll talk through.

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Comments or Questions: Did you like Loki Episode 2?

What did you think of Episode 2 of Loki? What stood out to you about the episode? And did you feel like the pacing was off, Voss has come out and said the episode of Loki grew on him?

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