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Doctor Who Magic the Gathering – Pack Opening

Join me over on Malts and Meeples and YouTube to open up some collectors packs of the Magic the Gathering newest Universe Beyond set. This time it’s Doctor Who and opening up this set is a bit different from opening up Lord of the Rings. How is the Doctor Who set different? And is it as good or not as the Lord of the Rings set?

Doctor Who Magic the Gathering

So, I want to touch on the big difference between this set and the Lord of the Rings. Well the multiple big differences thus far. The first is that Wizards of the Coast and Magic the Gathering almost treated the Lord of the Rings set as a normal set. There are all the normal products from draft boosters, set boosters, jump start boosters, commander decks, collector boosters, starter decks, and I think that’s it, though there are scene boxes, and I guess bundles and prerelease bundles.

Doctor Who doesn’t have all of those. What I’ve seen for sealed product, and I have looked, it’s commander decks and collectors booster boxes and packs. So really five different products if you count each commander deck as it’s own product. Which means that the Doctor Who set is going to see less play, also that it’s going to be more exclusive. Even without a 1 of 1 One Ring card, there is no cheap entry point into the set.

The other thing is how they are handling surge foils. I probably opened up just over a box of collectors packs at this point for Lord of the Rings. My grand total of surge foils is zero. In the Doctor Who set, you get between two and five per box. So it makes them considerably less rare. And I think, it’s going to mess with the prices.

It still does keep with a lot of the normal things. There are extended art cards and showcase cards to go with the normal cards. And any of them can have surge foil on them. But it’ll be interesting to see how the market does with these cards. Are they going to get played, which is important for a Magic the Gathering set so that there is more value than just being collectibles.

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So what do I plan on streaming next? On Wednesday it’s the continuation of my Top 100 Games (of all time) 2023 Edition. It’ll be 80 through 71. And you can find the link here. As always, Wednesday streams are at 8 PM Central. There is a chance it’ll get moved as I have a big of a head cold, but I have time to bounce back which hopefully I will before then. So I expect to stream, but I’ll tweet if it is cancelled.

And then on Monday I want to get back to some more games. I did open up the rest of the Doctor Who collectors packs I have already. So what solo game will it be, we’ll have to see? Let me know if there is a game that you hope I have and that you want to see. Monday streams are at 9 PM Central.

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