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Trailblazers by Bitewing Games – Game Play 2

I decided to return to Trailblazers by Bitewing Games. I am still looking for that solo score to win with 50 points. So tonight was about tracking that score down, if I could. Watch how that went as I streamed and played the game live over on the Malts and Meeples YouTube channel.


Let’s talk some about the simplicity of this game, because I really appreciate that about a game. I think that there are a lot of games that do simplicity well in one of two areas, but not always in both. So let’s talk about what those two areas are and what Trailblazers does that makes both of them simple.

The first one is simplicity in game play. That is where you don’t have too many complicated choices on your turn. You can have choices, but nothing about the game takes too long. I think of games by Emerson Matsuuchi often with this, like Century: Golem Edition and Metal Gear Solid. You have choices but it’s not too many. Trailblazers is even more simple, you draft tiles and put them out, you choices are the tiles, that is it.

The other area is scoring, I’ve seen plenty of games where the game itself is pretty simple to play. But to get the scoring right and to get everything balanced, it can become a bit more of a puzzle than you want. Or everything scores a slightly different way. So I need to hold in my head how everything scores. Trailblazers is definitely on the simple end. You count the routes, paths, that you’ve created and that’s it. Now there are objective cards, but those give you points and that’s it.

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