Fishing Lessons
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Fishing Lessons – Game Play

It’s time to tackle a new solo game and we’re casting off onto the lake for a lazy day of fishing. Can we use the Fishing Lessons that we’ve been taught to catch the type of fish that we want? Fishing Lessons is a programming game from Button Shy Games that only has a few cards, not much space on the table, and a puzzle for you to try and solve in just around 18 cards. Can you catch the fish you want in Fishing Lessons before the sun sets and you have to get off the water?

Fishing Lessons

This was a fun and fast game to play yesterday, though you can see my break it down a bit at the end. The question I keep on having about the game is, what is it’s longevity? Because this is a small Button Shy Game, as all of them are, it is limited on the number of cards that you can have. You always have the same seven water cards, though their order changes. You also play with the same lessons, but their order changes.

The main thing that changes up the game, or isn’t as static, is the fact that you have a different person fishing. So one character might want to get two fish of one type and three of another. And your job is to solve the puzzle so only cards that are scoring are facing upright. This is also done from the lesson cards. And the game does give you varying levels of difficulty. Easy is, I’ll say, pretty easy. But I also was able to win, I believe, on medium one time without much issue.

For me the big question I have about the game is how engaging it’ll be long term? Is this a game where now that I’ve solved the puzzle three times that I’m going to be drawn to trying to solve it again? Or will it be a game where the puzzle feels similar each time? Though, now that I’m thinking about it, how much luck is there? I beat it easily and quickly twice. I’m not sure that is a great sign for the game, if it’s too lucky that way.

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