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Quick Hits – Three Games With Physics

Don’t worry, these three games aren’t heavy and thought provoking math problems around physics. They are games where, well, physics take a part in them. Two of them are dexterity games, and the other one borders on that and tips back and forth if it’s a dexterity game or not. It isn’t, so the games are all about physics and ones that haven been added to my collection recently in the case of two of them. What are these three physics games that are going to get a quick hit review on them.

Three Games with Physics

Image Source: Plakks


I picked up Plakks because it was on sale. And I also bought it because it reminded me of a game that I saw on the Dice Tower as part of their Essen Spiele unboxing. But Plakks is just a soccer dexterity game. You take turns flicking a wooden ball to get it into your opponents goal. And there are some rules about taking out your defenders as you go, but you don’t need to play with those.

Plakks is really a dexterity soccer game that is barely a game. And it’s a game that as you practice you can get better at skill wise. You are able to line up shots better in order to either leave the ball in a tough spot for your opponent to to angle into the goal yourself. I like this one quite well, as an activity, but if it’s a great game, I’m not sure.

Viking See Saw

Viking See Saw is another one that I’d likely never known about except for the Dice Tower. This the one that keeps the list from being dexterity only. Viking See Saw is a a game of balancing items on a boat and trying not to be the one to cause it to tip. If you do, you grab luggage from it and you keep going. The first person to get rid of all of their pieces is the winner.

Viking See-Saw
Image Source: Itten

This one is also kind of in that half activity and half game sort of range. A lot of dexterity games are like that. What intrigues me about this one is the different weight of the items that you have. So you need to be smart as there are two blocks that are pretty heavy and ball bearing. On the flip side the meeple is very light as well as the aluminum cubes. So there is strategy in what you place and where you place it on the boat. And I like the amount of game that there is for it.

Dungeon Party

Finally we have Dungeon Party. I bought this a little while ago, and haven’t gotten it to the table. It’s basically a dungeon fighting/crawling game where to hit the monster you are playing quarters. I’ll say that the bounce is a bit lacking on the table. But this is a game that is really a skill based dexterity game. You need to know the repeatable motion of bouncing a quarter to be good. If you don ‘t, you’ll die fast.

And that’s the fun and issue of the game. I might get the skill down and do great with it, or I might not. There is not mitigation in this game. And, also, some of the loot, not quite as good as the other loot that you might get. Finally, I will say, don’t get the starter set. I’m tempted to pick up the big box for it and I just liked it pretty well. But the starter set is not that playable. There are a lot of keywords that are missing and a lot of details missing in the rules. Enough to get you started and then realize that you can mainly play the game, but not fully correctly.

Final Thoughts

I like the style of all of these games. I enjoy playing dexterity focused games. But some of them are definitely better than others. I think that Dungeon Party is the one that I’d give the lowest grade to. I think it could be a very fun time in the right group. It is also a game of skill more than a lot of dexterity games. If I don’t do well at Plakks, it’s still fun because I’m still playing the game. Same with Viking See Saw, if I make it tip all the time, I’m still playing the game. If I miss in Dungeon Party, I’m mainly not playing the game.

That really does make it into the one of the dexterity games that I’m not likely to be play again. I’m tempted to get more of it, make it a bigger, clearer game and use it in Dungeons and Dragons or really in an RPG system of some sort. Make it a game like that to play with some friends. But I’m also thinking that it’s a game that just won’t see much play and I shouldn’t. It’s tough sometimes to pick.

But, with that said, I had fun with each game. Atter we did a bit of quick practice, Dungeon Party got better for me. It is just not quite the game that I was hoping it would be. Or, I think, it is the game that is most group dependent of all of them.

Which would you want to try first?

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