What is Nerdologists:

We created Nerdologists to be a website where people can learn about new nerdy things without feeling the often overwhelming weight of trying to figure out where to jump in. This is meant to be a safe environment for learning, and a space where we can learn along with the people who are learning from us. There are some areas that we know a fair amount about, but there are many nerdy areas where we have a lot to learn.


Team Members

Peder –


I’m a long-time nerd. I’ve dabbled in many different nerdy activities, but some that I keep coming back to are board games and Doctor Who. I can talk for way too long on either of those topics, and enjoy getting new people into the different areas where their nerdiness can grow.

What does “Nerd” mean to you?

What “Nerd” means to me is someone who is very passionate about something, to the point of dissecting it and learning more about it than the average person. I think that people who love Doctor Who are nerds, and people who break down baseball stats are nerds; they are just nerds in their own way.

Kristen –


I didn’t find the nerdiverse so much as it found me. I’ve always been obsessed with books and movies, and my first introduction to nerdiness was through series like The Chronicles of Narnia andThe Lord of the Rings. From there, I delved deeper into fantasy, then sci-fi, then video games, then…well, you get the picture. Nowadays, my nerdy interests are broad (if not always deep), and I’m always ready to get drawn into the next new thing.

What does “Nerd” mean to you?

To me, a nerd is someone who loves something enthusiastically and unabashedly, so much so that they devote lots of time, energy, and daydreams to it. Nerds tend to love things that others might consider a little bit weird, but they love those things because they speak to them in a way nothing else can, and because they invite them to look at the world (or even understand themselves) from a new angle.

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